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Best Vegan Restaurants – Phoenix

best vegan restaurants Phoenix

The food scene in Phoenix has had an underwhelming reputation for a long time, but that reputation is changing at a breakneck speed. Over the last decade, Phoenix has become well-known for its restaurants. No other city in Arizona can offer as much variety when it comes to dining out.

All the staples of Southwest cuisine are present—including Sonoran Mexican dishes—but Phoenix’s restaurants and cafés serve a number of international dishes as well. Asian cooking has also become popular among Phoenicians.

Discover Some of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ

There is a growing demand for vegan cuisine all across Arizona. In response, Phoenix offers a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian cooking. It can be hard to decide where to start, so here are twelve of the best vegan restaurants Phoenix has to offer.

1. Vegan House

We start the lineup with a utilitarian eatery located on West Adams Street. Vegan House also offers delivery and takeout.

If you’re in the mood for vegan seafood, consider the hot pot that features plant-based shrimp and fish. The clay pot vegan shrimp is delicious as well.

The most popular dishes are the veggie rolls and the summer rolls in this all-vegan restaurant. You can also try their grilled vegetable dumplings or their soy chicken topped with orange sauce. For dessert, consider the sweet purple rice with whole mango.

2. The Coronado

Located on North 7th Street, The Coronado is one of Phoenix’s best vegan restaurants when you’re looking for an elegant ambiance. Their dishes are beautifully served and you can enjoy a quiet meal out on their patio.

The menu is extensive and features many Mexican-inspired dishes. Don’t miss out on the red bean quesadillas, the garbanzo burger, or the fried guac. There also have many unique salads to choose from, including a fennel salad with oranges and grapefruit.

3. Veggie Village

Located on East Northern Avenue, Veggie Village is a vegetarian restaurant where every dish can be customized for vegans. Their menu includes various Asian dishes such as fried wonton, orange soy chicken, and a soy mutton curry. Don’t miss out on their soy shrimp or the marinated seaweed salad.

4. Nami tSoft tServe

Nami specializes in homemade vegan ice cream based on coconut milk. It’s served with various syrups, nuts, fruits, and coffees—not to mention their organic peanut butter, house-made caramel, or chai flavorings.

Nami also offers breakfast and brunch options like quiche and burritos. You can try their bagels, donuts, and various cakes. If you have a sweet tooth, look up this café on North 7th Street.

5. Persian Garden Café

You can find the Persian Garden Café on West Thomas Road. This restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and serves a variety of vegan-friendly dishes. For example, you can opt for the braised potato burger with Persian spices, or you can try their grilled eggplant. They also serve delicious dessert options including a vegan carrot cake.

6. Simon’s Hot Dogs

Simon’s specializes in Colombian-style hot dogs. They’re not exclusively vegan, but you can choose between two different plant-based sausages. One looks and tastes similar to meat-based sausages, while the other contains delicious sundried tomatoes and basil.

All the toppings come with vegan options. You shouldn’t miss out on the classic Colombian hot dog served with pineapple and vegan mozzarella. You can also choose from options of mustard and vegan bacon, or an avocado-topped hot dog with hummus.

When you’re not in the mood for a hot dog, you can opt for the vegan lentil burger. Simon’s Hot Dogs also serves a wide selection of fries and dips. If you’re intrigued by these plant-based twists on street food, you can find Simon’s Hot Dogs on North Drinkwater Boulevard.

7. Green Vegetarian Restaurant

In spite of the name, everything served at Green is 100% vegan, rather than vegetarian. This restaurant features well-loved comfort foods made entirely from plants. Don’t miss out on the BBQ sandwich, the buffalo vegan chicken, or the vegan chili. You can also try the Thai peanut bowl or the Singapore-inspired orange soy glaze.

8. Dark Hall Coffee

Located on North 7th Avenue, Dark Hall Coffee is an atmospheric coffee shop with delicious vegan desserts. Their macarons are unforgettable, and you can also go for delicacies such as their apple-fig galette. Their coffee is served with vegan milk and you can order the fig and toasted almond platter to go with it.

9. Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for Ethiopian cuisine, find Gojo on East Thomas Road. While some of the dishes served here are meat-based, Gojo uses a mouthwatering assortment of herbs and vegetables. Their plant-based dishes include mushroom cooked with berbere and onions, red split lentils, and collard greens cooked with onions and garlic. Everything is served with injera, which is a sourdough-risen flatbread from the Horn of Africa.

10. Mi Vegana Madre

If you’re interested in authentic Mexican cuisine, consider Mi Vegana Madre. This vegan restaurant is located on West Palmaire Avenue. Try their enmoladas or their veggie-based tacos. You should also consider their veggie nachos, which are served with soy meat marinated in pineapple chili sauce.

11. MAD Greens

MAD Greens serves plant-based fast food all across the country. Their Phoenix location is on the corner of 7th Avenue and McDowell. The best thing about MAD Greens is that you can create your own salad from a wide variety of vegetables, nuts, and dressings. You can also go for their Buddha bowl or one of their wraps.

12. Urban Beans

Located on North 7th Street, Urban Beans is a café that rivals the city’s best vegan restaurants. Phoenix residents love it for the homelike atmosphere, but it’s also elegant enough to host special occasions.

Their raw tacos are a popular option. If you’re in the mood for a filling breakfast, consider their protein pancakes. Urban Beans also offers a wide selection of wine and draught beers.

A Final Thought

This list just scratched the surface of the best vegan restaurants Phoenix has to offer. The city is filled with hidden cafés and hole-in-the-way eateries that serve amazing vegan fare. Phoenix is undergoing rapid development, so there are new vegan and vegetarian enterprises popping up all the time.

Are you visiting this beautiful city? Or are you a Phoenician who has yet to discover the city’s vegan options? Either way, you should take the time to enjoy the culinary creativity you can find in the Silicon Desert.

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