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Best Vegan Restaurants – San Diego

best vegan restaurants San Diego

Whether you’re local or new to San Diego, you’ve already heard great things about the city’s food scene. Dining out in San Diego means that you can experience authentic cuisines from all around the world.

The city’s restaurants, pizzerias, and wineries are well-known throughout the country, but what can you expect if you’re looking for an all-vegan meal?

12 of the Best Vegan Restaurants in San Diego, CA

The good news is that San Diego offers an extensive selection of vegan options. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the possible choices. Here is a taster of some of the best vegan restaurants San Diego has to offer.

1. Sattvik Foods

Located on Miramar Road, Sattvik Foods is a welcoming café that also offers pickup options. This restaurant offers a delicious fusion of African and Asian cuisine. The chef takes inspiration from his own Kenyan culinary heritage, as well as the Sattvik diet that originated in Ayurvedic tradition.

The café offers a healthful weekly menu that features rice dishes, dal, and fresh vegetables of many different kinds. You can also sample the samosas and other Indian fast food options. Additionally, there are delicious drinks to choose from, including masala chai.

2. Soulshine

This Mission Boulevard café offers an excellent variety of vegan tapas, including sushi and falafel sliders. Soulshine is also well-known for the noodle bowls and brown rice bowls, as well as the exciting daily soup/salad combo. But it’s the coffee that really makes this option stand out, so make sure to try their fresh-pressed java with golden turmeric foam.

3. Peace Pies

If you’re in the mood for a delicious vegan slice of pie, visit Peace Pies on Voltaire Street. Their selection is raw and gluten-free as well as entirely plant-based. Don’t miss out on their coconut cream pies or the raw apple pie. There are more delicious dessert options besides pie, including cacao truffles.

Peace Pies offers more than only desserts. If you’re looking for a quick bite, this is one of the best vegan restaurants San Diego has to offer you. You might like the marinated veggie pizza, the mango curry wrap, or the zucchini lasagna.

4. Café Gratitude

For an upscale dining experience, consider Café Gratitude. This gourmet vegan restaurant has locations all across the country. In San Diego, they’re located on Kettner Boulevard.

Their menu features an international selection of plant-based dishes. You can start your feast with nachos and then move on to the Asian kale and wakame salad. Their macrobiotic bowl is a popular option and you can also try the raw Mexican lasagna.

5. Sipz Fusion Café

Sipz is located on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. This eatery features a fusion of different East Asian cuisines, including Vietnamese and Japanese dishes. Not every dish here is vegan, but you can go for many delicious plant-based options. The vegan crab rangoons are definitely worth checking out, as are the traditional desserts.

6. Starry Lane Bakery

This bakery offers a selection that avoids the top ten most common allergens. You can find Starry Lane Bakery on 4th Avenue. Whether you’re looking for brownies, cookies, or vegan cupcakes, this bakery won’t disappoint. They also offer various flatbreads, as well as seasoned croutons.

7. Anthem Vegan

Anthem Vegan is a restaurant on El Cajon Boulevard, but you can try their menu at three different pop-ups in farmers markets across the city. If you’re hoping to stock your own pantry with innovative vegan garnishes, you can order Anthem’s house-made sauces in bottled form.

The restaurant offers an extensive and filling selection of vegan breakfast foods. Besides breakfast, there are wraps and sandwiches you don’t want to miss out on if you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine. You can also opt for the vegan burgers and sausages with Anthem Originals aioli.

8. O. B. Garden Café

Although they aren’t exclusively vegan, O. B. Garden Café offers an amazing selection of plant-based meals. Everything at this café is organic and vegetarian. You can find them on Voltaire Street in Ocean Beach.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a friendly, relaxed ambiance. O. B Garden Café hosts occasional rooftop yoga classes in their rooftop lounge. They offer an excellent selection of coupons for repeat customers and even sell shirts with the café’s logo.

Their menu features well-loved vegan staples such as hummus wraps, Portobello mushroom burgers, and jackfruit tacos. You can also go for the meat-free Caesar salad or the potato pot pie. For dessert, consider the avocado chocolate mousse. There is also an excellent selection of beverages, including kombucha, as well as various smoothies.

9. Plumeria

Plumeria is located on Park Boulevard. This café features a mouthwatering variety of vegetarian and vegan meals served in decorative ways.

If you enjoy Thai dishes, Plumeria is one of the best vegan restaurants San Diego can offer you. Their signature ‘flower cups’ contain GMO-free tofu and traditional Thai seasonings. There are also wok mixes and rich curries that combine many different vegan ingredients to great effect.

10. Grains Café

When you’re in the mood for a rustic ambiance, consider visiting Grains on Adams Avenue. This restaurant serves both vegans and vegetarians. Their specialties include vegan seafood replacements, such as the grilled mushroom ‘calamari.’ Don’t miss out on the kale tempura and their beautifully served kale salad.

11. Donna Jean

Although their selection is plant-based, Donna Jean evokes an old-fashioned American dining experience. The cozy décor and the friendly staff make this restaurant a great option for a family outing. Donna Jean is located on Fifth Avenue.

Their brunch menu features gluten-free crepes and the chicken-fried mushrooms. For lunch and dinner, consider the mac and cheese or the vegan pizzas. The risotto is delicious as well. As for dessert, you can go for the peach cobbler or the NM Chile pie.

12. Kindred Bar

You can find Kindred on 30th Street. They offer an exciting selection of cocktails, but you can go for komboucha as well. Their snacks include seitan skewers, buffalo pickled cauliflower, and mushroom fig sausage.

This bar also doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for something more filling. You can opt for veggie bowls, soy salads, or the BBQ jackfruit sandwich. Try the strawberry shortcake for dessert.

A Final Word

Locally produced fruits and vegetables are used to the best possible effect by all of the city’s best vegan restaurants. San Diego eateries have steady access to fresh mushrooms, avocados, citrus fruits, eggplants, olives, and tomatoes. Fans of vegan seafood will also find a delicious variety of options.

There is something in this city for every palate and it’s easy to find amazing culinary innovations. If you’re dining out in San Diego, challenge yourself to try something new.

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