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Best Vegan Restaurants – San Francisco

best vegan restaurants San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area is among the most vegan-friendly places in the US. Whether you like Chinese, Japanese, or Thai food, San Francisco’s got it. Mexican, classic BBQ, healthy smoothies, and delicious vegan cookies—whatever you think of, you’ll likely find it here

If you’re looking for cafes and restaurants with excellent plant-based menus, here’s a short list of some of the best vegan restaurants in San Francisco.

1. Golden Era Vegan

With an immense reputation and exceptional food and service quality, Golden Era Vegan Restaurant qualifies as one of the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has to offer. The restaurant is located on Golden Gate Avenue and is open daily from 10:30AM to 8:30PM.

The substantial menu is completely meat-free and covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Some of the most popular dishes include the Shrimp Delight, the garden vermicelli, the spicy noodle soup, and the curry beef. When it comes to desserts, the mocha cake and the Oreo cake are the crowd favorites.

2. Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya offers a mix of traditional Japanese izakaya foods and modern American restaurant aesthetics. This fancy eatery is located on 14th Street and is one of the city’s most popular vegan places.

The menu is based on traditional Japanese cuisine, but with a modern vegan twist. A huge range of ramen, sushi, and salad options is bound to satisfy every vegan. Also, make sure to give their specialty sushi rolls a try. The Hidden Agenda, the Colonel’s Pipe, and the Secret Weapon are among the most popular.

3. Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

The next restaurant on the menu is the famous Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant. While centered on vegetarian dishes, it offers a wide range of vegan options as well. The restaurant is located on Kearny Street and is open every day of the week.

The menu is based on vegetarian and vegan variants of classic Chinese recipes. Lunch menu highlights include the Pai Pa tofu balls and eggplant with soy sea bass. On the dinner menu, you can’t go wrong with the Golden Basket, fried won ton, and drumsticks with sweet and sour sauce.

4. Indochine Vegan

Though named after the southeastern portion of Asia, Indochine Vegan mostly offers meat and dairy-free versions of classic Korean recipes. This cozy little spot is located on the Valencia Street and is among the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has at the moment.

If you’re up for a fancy dinner, don’t hesitate to pay them a visit. Patrons’ favorites include the spicy cha cha, the Chef’s fried rice, and crispy spring rolls. Indochine also offers a wide range of healthy, vegan-friendly beverages.

5. Veganburg

If Indochine’s name was a tad deceptive, Veganburg’s name is 100% true. This is a completely meat-free burger joint and one of San Francisco’s most popular vegan places. It is located on Haight Street and serves food from 11 AM to around 9 PM every day of the week (10 PM on Fridays).

The Rasa Sayang Burg with lagi shiok, chicken patty made of wheat, gluten-free buns, and spicy sambal is the absolute crowd favorite. Make sure to give their Haight ‘n’ Salsa, Mustang relish, and Hawaiian teriyaki a go as well. Top it all off with seaweed fries, homemade lemonade, and a vegan soft serve.

6. Loving Hut

Loving Hut is a classic fast food restaurant but with a twist—its menu is completely vegan. With outstanding food and service quality, Loving Hut is one of the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has to offer. San Francisco locations include Sunset and Westfield Mall. The Sunset location is closed on Wednesdays, while the Westfield restaurant works seven days a week.

The Heavenly Salad, seaweed tofu soup, spicy cha cha, and the Sea Fruits Grill are among the most popular dishes. The Champion burger is the most prominent item in the Western section of the menu. A selection of vegan desserts and beverages is also available.

7. Greens Restaurant

The legendary Greens Restaurant is not only a popular vegetarian/vegan eatery, but also one of San Francisco’s landmarks as well. It is located on the Marina Boulevard, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marina. At Greens, the view is as much a part of the experience as the food.

Greens Restaurant offers dinner, lunch, brunch, and dessert menus. There’s also a wide selection of fine wines. Although not primarily vegan, many dishes can be made vegan on the spot. Make sure to try their mushroom phyllo tart and tofu brochettes.

8. Nourish Café SF

The story of Nourish Café began in 2015 when Sarah Bacon and Brighton Miller decided to open a place which would focus on healthy, 100% plant-based food. Currently, there are two restaurants—one on 6th Avenue and the other on Hyde Street. They take online orders and are open seven days a week.

The menu is mostly made up of quality juices, smoothies, breakfast, and brunch options. Make sure to try the “tuna” sandwich, the Golden Gate bowl, and the acai bowl. Pay them a visit and see why Nourish Café is among the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has at the moment.

9. Gracias Madre

If you are in the mood for quality Mexican food, then Gracias Madre might be the right place for you. This stylish restaurant offers plant-based Mexican dishes and a relaxed atmosphere. It is located on Mission Street and is open seven days a week.

The menu is seasonal and varies based on what is available on the restaurant-owned organic farm. Some of the best dishes Gracias Madre offers include their signature Bowl Uno, papas al horno, the Coliflor Frito, and the restaurant’s version of the Caesar salad.

10. Ananda Fuara

While not a fancy place, Ananda Fuara has earned its spot among the city’s prime vegetarian/vegan places with fantastic food and excellent service. The restaurant is located on Market Street and is open seven days a week.

The entire menu at Ananda Fuara is meat-free, with both vegan and vegetarian dishes. Dishes from the vegetarian side of the menu can be made vegan. Patrons’ favorites include their hot potatoes, while the dessert menu is the stuff of legends.

11. Thai Idea

As the city’s only meat-free Thai restaurant, Thai Idea has a special place in the hearts of San Francisco vegans and vegetarians. It offers a plant-based menu and a casual atmosphere. The restaurant is located on Polk Street and takes online orders.

The menu includes a huge variety of Thai recipes, with the crowd favorites including panang curry, papaya salad, samosa, and the immensely popular pad Thai.

Final Thoughts

With a huge variety of vegan eateries, San Francisco constantly ranks as one of the most vegan-friendly places in the US. While in no way exhaustive, this list is a good place to start your quest for the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has to offer.

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