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Kopps in Berlin — Brunch Made in Vegan Heaven

Kopps in Berlin vegan brunch

On a recent trip to Berlin, my husband and I were determined to see most of the city’s contemporary art galleries, and the best way to do so was on foot. Since the galleries are set in loosely connected clusters in several areas, this made for a lot of walking (over 12 miles in one day was our record!), which made us very hungry. Fortunately, Berlin is vegan-friendly as well as art-packed, a winning combination for us.

Kopps is an upscale vegan restaurant not far from the gallery district set in the charming neighborhood flanked by Linienstrasse and Auguststrasse. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can enjoy their unlimited brunch buffet for 13.50 Euros per person — a pretty sweet deal when you consider that depending on when you eat, this one meal really can keep you sated all day.

My hunch is that the offerings on the buffet vary with season. On the day we visited there were an abundance of salads and cold dishes based on greens, couscous, noodles and more; an array of hot foods (including chili, stuffed zucchini, and soups) fresh breads, fruits, cereals, and delicious desserts. Beverages (including good, strong coffee, juices, and alcohol) are ordered separately and not included in the cost of the buffet.

I’m not usually one for faux meats and cheeses, but I must admit that I enjoyed the ones on the buffet immensely. These are not house-made, but they are pretty amazing, not for their imitative qualities, but for how tasty they are in and of themselves. The cheeses, paper-thin and so delicate, are based on cashews, and the “meats” are primarily soy. A unique soy-based “butter” is also exceptional.

I did my level best to take some decent photos of the buffet, but, being photographically challenged, only managed to capture the “cheese” and “meat” platter, shown at the top. Judging by how busy this eatery was the day we visited, it’s apparent that visitors to Berlin as well as locals looking for a great plant-based dining experience agree that Kopp’s is the place to find it.

Kopps Bar & Restaurant
Linienstraße 94
10115 Berlin
[email protected]

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