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Pink Himalayan Salt + Matcha Green Tea Powder = Super Salt

Matcha tea and pink Himalayan salt

Even though we do need some salt, too much isn’t healthy. We need to be careful how much salt we put into our bodies. I know some people who don’t use salt at all and just take what they need from whole foods. However, a pinch of salt brings out the flavor of foods.

Switch to pink Himalayan salt
My dad is the worse with salty foods. He just needs a lot of salt in his every meal. So I was thinking, how could I make at least one benefit from this? The first step was switching to pink himalayan salt, because it’s known for its benefits and its ability to absorb into the bloodstream a lot more easily than regular white salt, so it’s easier to get the most of the benefits. It’s known for being the purest and most mineral-packed salt on earth.

Everyday detox and cold remedy
Salt has an amazing power to ‘catch’ all nasty toxins in our body and transfer them out of our body through the bloodstream. Another great benefit salt has it ability to make your blood pressure lower. What?! You may asking how that’s possible. Pink himalayan salt contains a small amount of potassium, which is good for lowering blood pressure. Also, if you have cold or runny nose you should try to dissolve some pink himalayan salt in hot water and breathe the steam as much as you can. It can help with asthma as well.

Step it up with matcha green tea powder
When I started to use matcha green tea powder, I just couldn’t stop experimenting with use it, and thought it would pair well with pink Himalayan salt. If you mix pink himalayan salt and matcha green tea powder you will end up with super-salt!

If you aren’t familiar with matcha green tea powder, it’s the highest quality powdered green tea, totally packed with amazing antioxidants. And because of its powdered form, it’s easy to absorb more of these antioxidants than it is from regular leaf green tea. These antioxidants are well known for helping prevent disease and are thought to delay the effects of aging.

Combining pink Himalayan salt and matcha
Together, pink himalayan salt and matcha green tea powder are excellent for boosting your immune system and overall well-being. How to use this combo? Will everything taste like green tea? Not really. You may smell the green tea a tiny bit but nothing what the flavor of what you put it on. I love to use mine in every kind of salad, sprinkled on homemade popcorn, in savory breakfast dishes, on rice and grains — basically, anywhere that a pinch of salt is welcome!

To make this savory blend, simply combine 2 tablespoons of pink Himalayan salt with 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea powder in a small jar or saltshaker and mix well. Use as you would any other salt.

Here are more recipes for using matcha green tea powder.

Callum Mundine is the founder of Matcha Ocha. He is from Australia and is passionate about yoga and healthy living. Currently living abroad after adopting the digital nomad lifestyle, you can find him anywhere that its warm and the surf is good.

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