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Plan Your Ultimate Healthy Vegan Summer Road Trip

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Summer is the perfect time to hit the road and get away from it all, while visiting new places and having new experiences. However, a traditional road trip isn’t always easy when you are vegan.

Finding food you can eat while traveling the country can be difficult, as is finding fun vegan and animal-friendly destinations along the way. The secret to any successful road trip is planning, so before you hit the road, consider these great vegan-friendly vacation destinations that have a lot to offer.

Austin, Texas

Texas may be the land of barbecue, but Austin is known for its weird and wonderful atmosphere, music and hippie culture, and, yes, a huge vegan community. Austin has a lot to offer as a summer vacation destination.

Natural swimming areas, like Hamilton Pool Preserve and Barton Springs, are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In addition, there is live music and wonderfully weird art almost anywhere you go. Austin is also a Mecca for food trucks, including many vegan options. And, if you have a furry friend, Austin is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country.

Trip Tip: Pack plenty of your favorite non-perishable vegan snacks before hitting the road. You can drive longer without having to stop and spend time trying to find vegan food options, and it will save you money.

New York, New York

No matter who you are, there is something for everyone in New York City. The bustling nightlife, historical sites and vibrant art and culture make this a great vacation spot. It may come as no surprise that NYC also has some of the best vegan spots to visit.

According to Happy Cow, the Big Apple has more than 60 vegan-only restaurants. There are so many unique places that you will have trouble deciding what to try. Vegan Mainstream declares New York is home to one of the first all-vegan bars called Pine Box Rock Shop.

Trip Tip: Don’t rely on your phone’s GPS to get you to your destination—many parts of the country have poor cell phone and satellite reception. Save your route to an app like RoadTrippers.

Portland, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest has just about everything you would want in a summer travel spot: breathtaking mountains and forests for hiking and wildlife watching; serene coasts and beach activities; and many eco- and animal-friendly restaurant and hotel options. Portland is one of the most progressively eco-conscious cities in the U.S. and offers a long list of organic vegetarian and vegan restaurants, bars and hotels.

According to, Portland has the only all-vegan strip mall in the world. Portland is also home to VooDoo Doughnuts, a world-famous bakery that has delicious vegan doughnuts and cakes.

Trip Tip: Safety should be a main priority on the road, so make sure you prepare a small emergency kit before leaving home. has a list of items you should always have with you, including water, a flashlight and extra car supplies.

Salem, Massachusetts

Witches may come to mind when thinking of Salem, but this quaint New England town has a lot to offer in the way of environmental and animal-friendly options. According to the blog Will Travel For Vegan Food, a food tour company in Salem will take you to quintessential vegan places to taste delicious New England fare. There is also a fascinating history of spice trading in Salem you will learn about on the tour.

In addition to all the incredible vegan food, Salem’s gorgeous setting is surrounded with history and is only a short drive from Boston, which has its own vegan culture and American history.

Trip Tip: Not all states have the same driving laws, so before hitting the open road, make sure you are familiar with each state’s laws by using online resources like

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