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Quick and Easy Breakfasts for People on the Go

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Living in today’s busy world finds most of us with limited time for many things—exercise, socialization, and perhaps most significantly, for meal preparation. The oft-quoted adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is often quoted because it is true. Our first daily meal is vital for optimal mental and physical functioning, and it should be a top priority. A central strategy in making breakfast an achievable ritual, therefore, is finding meals that are quick to prepare.

Planning and preparing ahead makes quick morning meals much easier. Your fridge freezer becomes a necessary and essential appliance for storing food in this situation, as a week’s worth of breakfasts can be prepared and frozen, then each taken out the night before it will be eaten. High-fiber muffins can be a complete meal, and are easily stored in your fridge freezer. Pancakes and waffles can be prepared and stacked in the fridge freezer and can be heated with microwave in the morning. Large pans of baked squares can be cut and individually frozen for an easy meal to grab, with ingredients such as oats, dates, wheat germ, apples, and nuts.

A healthy breakfast should include protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Starting with a slice of whole-wheat bread or a waffle takes care of the latter two; the protein (and extra fat) can be added by spreading natural peanut, almond, or sesame butter, or hummus on top. Coconut yogurt as a protein-filled starter can be mixed with chopped fruit and a handful of mixed nuts for the carbohydrate and fat content. To add more speed, these ingredients can be added to a blender with a little nondairy milk and pureed to make a quick drink.

Breakfasts that need to be eaten on the go—while rushing out the door, walking or driving—can be assembled into a plastic zip-loc bag that is easily carried and gotten into. Pieces of sliced fruit paired with almonds or cashews provide everything needed. A whole-grain muffin with nuts and a nutritious beverage makes a complete meal as well. Easy to hold and eat, a tortilla wrapped around scrambled tofu works well, too.

Breakfast is essential for peak performance, and there are many solutions to the quandary of having little time to devote to its preparation. Some simple, easily implemented ideas leave no room for excuses. You always have time for breakfast.

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