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The 10 Best Vegan Blogs

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Looking for your next vegan meal idea? You’ll never be at a loss for what to make next with the 10 best vegan blogs. They’re all chock full of ideas for your next cooking adventure. Whether you’re looking for dessert ideas or a filling meal, the 10 best blogs have you covered. Here are the 10 best vegan blogs.

  1. Edible Musings

This blog is a treasure trove of vegan recipes, from rustic Irish veggie stew to lentil shepherd’s pie. This blog’s focus is on nutrient-rich whole foods in their most natural form. The blogger took the dive into plant-based cooking after reading about the health problems from the Standard American Diet (or as it’s referred to on the site, SAD). Many of the recipes are truly creative, like deviled potatoes that look just like eggs in the photo.

  1. Sprouted Kitchen

This blog does a good job of adjusting recipes based on different dietary needs. There are ideas for leaving out eggs, dairy and gluten, for instance. The blog focuses on using whole, natural food. And it has a special focus on cooking seasonally. The cooking really focuses on keeping natural produce in its pure state so as to not overpower it, as well.

  1. Olives for Dinner

Erin’s blog is devoted to finding the best ingredients in her recipes that have complimentary textures and flavors. She details her early forays into vegan cooking and her journey of realizing that vegan foods are best prepared with special techniques, or the food can be tasteless and sad. Make the most of her learning experience by following her wonderful vegan recipes.

  1. Simple Vegan Blog

The philosophy behind this blog is to keep the ingredients simple. Many of the recipes focus on being fast and easy, too. Examples include three-ingredient vegan pancakes and five-minute lentil dip. So if you love being vegan, but don’t want to spend your whole life in the kitchen, give this blog a look.

  1. My Darling Vegan

This blogger stared her food blog after quitting her life as a food service employee. She now focuses on plant-based recipes. She models her blog on an accessible approach, using whole food ingredients that are easy to source.

  1. Vegan Crunk

If you’re looking for some comforting Southern cooking, this blog is totally devoted to going vegan without giving up your Southern favorites. Her cookbook is filled with soul food and country cooking classics, all completely vegan.

  1. Veggies Don’t Bite

The tagline for this blog is “cooking with plants and lovin’ it!” This blog takes a more laidback approach to being vegan. She recognizes that we’re imperfect beings in an imperfect world, so if she orders something and an animal product can’t be subbed out, she realizes that’s just the world she lives in. She admits to being vegan about 90 percent of the way, while making a strong effort to avoid animal products and offering tons of fully vegan recipes.

  1. Hell Ya It’s Vegan

As the name suggests, this blog is devoted to making food so good you’ll never believe it’s vegan. Recipes featured include vegan Cadbury crème eggs and vegan sloppy Joes. It also has lifestyle tips like growing your own sprouts.

  1. I Love Vegan

I Love Vegan offers both healthy vegan recipes and lifestyle tips, like transitioning into a vegan life and eating on a budget. The couple who blogs at this site became vegan in 2012 after learning about the horrors of factory farming.

  1. Fragrant Vanilla Cake

If you have a major sweet tooth, you’ll want to check out this blog. It features tons of creative vegan desserts, like vegan brownie cookie dough cake. There are also vegan snacks and savory dishes.

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