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Top 10 Uses Of Frankincense Oil

Top 10 uses for frankincense

When you read the story of one of the three wise men bringing the gift of frankincense to Jesus, you probably thought of it just as a precious stone. But that is not all. Surprised? Frankincense is replete with health benefits that most people are unaware of. Here is a list of some of the benefits that you can take complete advantage of.

Relieves Stress And Anxiety: After a long day’s work, a warm bath is just the thing you need. Add a few drops of frankincense oil to your bath water to induce the feeling of peace and relaxation. It is a magical stress-relief potion that leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Reduces Scarring: Acne breakouts can be extremely tricky to get rid of. Even worse are the scars they leave behind. They leave pink, scaly blemishes on your skin that are incorrigible. But not with frankincense. Just take a few drops of frankincense oil on a cotton ball and gently dab on the blemishes, and you will notice that they will start to fade.

Helps Maintain Oral Hygiene: Frankincense also has excellent antiseptic properties. So look for dental products that contain frankincense. If you can’t find any, make your toothpaste with baking soda and a few drops of the oil. It will help relieve you of oral problems like tooth decay, bad breath, and cavities.

Soothes Indigestion: If you have been suffering from digestion-related problems likes bloating, flatulence, constipation, and stomach aches, frankincense is an excellent remedy. Just add one to two drops of frankincense oil in about eight ounces of water and drink it. It will relieve you of all your gastric troubles.

Cures Headaches: If you have a headache, or suffer from bouts of a migraine, frankincense oil can prove to be unbelievable relieving. Take about two drops of the oil and gently rub it on your temples and forehead. This will help you recover from a migraine quickly.

Reduces Wrinkling And Skin Aging: When fine lines begin to show, it is difficult not to be concerned about them. Dabbing a little bit of frankincense oil on your face can cause these lines to simply vanish! Mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or sweet almond oil in a glass phial. Use a drop of this mixture with your moisturizer daily and watch those fine lines disappear.

Helps Maintain Reproductive Health: It also helps regulate estrogen production in women and reduces the risks of developing cysts in the uterus among menopausal women. It also helps regulate menstrual cycles among pre-menopausal women.

Boosts Immune System: Frankincense is also a well-known cure for the common cold and flu because of its immunity boosting properties. It can break up phlegm deposition in the respiratory tract and soothe inflammation, thereby reducing spasms and relieving bronchial congestion. Just rub a few drops of frankincense oil in the balls of your feet everyday and you will keep most common illnesses away.

Soothes Bee Stings: Skin irritations resulting from bee stings are horrible and painful. The acids from the sting percolate into your skin and cause it to swell. Frankincense neutralizes the effects of the sting almost instantly owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. Just put a drop of the oil on the affected area. Make sure you dilute it before applying it on the skins of kids.

Soothes Chronic Pain: It can also help soothe chronic pain resulting from joint pain and arthritis. A study by the Cardiff University discovered that frankincense oil can inhibit the production of key inflammatory molecules that induce the pain. It prevents your bones from becoming brittle and cartilages from being destroyed and relieves you from chronic pain issues.

Frankincense is one of the most expensive essential oils to be found, and also one of the most beneficial. Also, it is totally worth your money and will last forever because only a drop or two is all you need. So get your hands on a phial of frankincense and enjoy its benefits for life!

Vineetha Reddy is a regular practitioner and adviser of everything related to health, fitness and yoga, I have also begun to write and contribute to this knowledge ecosystem. I strongly believe that the organic food you find in your pantry provide the best benefits for good health. Follow her for best ideas and solutions on Twitterand Facebook.

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