Vegan Chickpea Salad Recipes

Chickpea salad with olives and parsley

Chickpeas should be a mainstay in any vegan diet. They’re super easy to cook with and are a great source of iron and protein. They also have a subtle nutty flavor that mixes well with just about any other flavoring. And their hearty grainy texture is super satisfying. Below are several vegan chickpea salad recipes, both for sandwiches and served as side dishes.

Chickpea salad: A great vegan substitute for egg salad sandwiches is a chickpea salad sandwich. This combines chickpeas with vegan mayo, along with veggies like onions, celery, pickles and red bell peppers. Yellow mustard, pepper and lemon juice also add plenty of flavor.

Cucumber chickpea salad with lemony tahini dressing: The super cool thing about this recipe? It’s served right inside a hallowed out tomato. The cucumbers add just the right amount of crunch to the chickpea base.

Chickpea sunflower sandwich: This is another recipe that combines chickpeas with vegan mayo. It also adds in roasted sunflower seeds to add to the flavor. Mustard, maple syrup and dill also contribute to a dish with rich, complex flavors. The recipe is served up on wheat bread with lettuce, avocado, red onions and tomatoes.

Chickpea salad sandwich: This super easy recipe simply calls for blending soaked chickpeas, cashew cream, red onions and celery together. It’s then seasoned with salt to taste. Serve it up on whole wheat bread with toppings like sprouts, tomatoes and pickles.

Mashed chickpea salad sandwich: This sandwich is served with a layer of mashed avocado, in addition to the chickpea salad. To make the mashed chickpea salad, you can combine the chickpeas with hummus, tahini or vegan mayo.

Mediterranean pesto chickpea salad: Fans of pesto rejoice! This recipe goes great as a sandwich. It calls for chickpeas (of course), black olives, artichoke hearts, red bell peppers and salt and pepper to taste. It’s all mixes together with an easy pesto base.

Lentil and chickpea salad sandwich: If you love the earthy flavor of lentils, then you’ll want to try this dish. If you have dieting concerns, the person who made this recipe cut it with red lentils because they are lower in fat, but higher in protein and fiber. The ingredients are combined with vegan mayo in this dish.

Chickpea salad: Looking for a more traditional salad, like the kind you can throw in a bowl and eat? This recipe throws in a hearty amount of chickpeas combined with ingredients like peppers, kalamata olives and parsley.

Mediterranean chickpea salad sandwich: In addition to the chickpea salad, this sandwich loads in the cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and mashed avocado. The salad itself calls for flavorings like tahini, lemon juice, turmeric, smoked paprika, salt, garlic powder and cumin.

Curried chickpea salad sandwich: Here’s a great lunch idea for curry fans. In addition to the obvious chickpeas and curry in this dish, there’s also the sweet taste of diced apples. Dried cranberries also add fruity flavor against the mustard and vegan mayo base.

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