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Fresh wheatgrass juice

Ancient civilizations and communities were always fascinated with their continued search for wonder plants and medicinal herbs. Wheatgrass is one such extract which in its natural form, is found to be extremely beneficial for human health and vitality. Not just for its health benefits, wheatgrass in the recent times has largely been advocated for holistic well being.

Wheatgrass, a rich source of essential nutrients, is loaded with chlorophyll and a wide range of vitamins, and offers countless health benefits that help towards body aches, detoxification, improving immunity besides others.

A healthy body and mind is utmost important for our survival. The times have changed and so the way we live and manage our bodies.

The sedentary life style that we have these days, demands for an active care of physical and mental health; however this usually takes a back seat. In fact, with so many superfoods available and their known benefits, it isn’t that difficult to keep ourselves fit and fine.

Usage of wheatgrass and its products in various forms is quite widespread in the present times. The availability was a problem until some time back but not now.

One can easily find it in form of powder, juices, and ointments. Not to mention those delicious and amazing wheatgrass recipes that adorns the first page of any popular home science magazine.

The wheatgrass food and drink recipes are loved by all ages. Very easy to make, they can be prepared in no time, that too at the comfort of your home.

Let’s take a look at the following infographic, wonderfully outlining some of the most amazing properties of wheatgrass.

This article was contributed by Jenny Travens of Super Foods Living.

Wheatgrass Infographic

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