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Vegan Broccoli Soup Recipes

Broccoli apple soup with nut butter

If you need a soothing soup that’s packed with a host of nutrients, look no further than vegan broccoli soup. Many creamy soups are made with a dairy base, so creamy vegan broccoli soup is a good way to get your craving for a creamy soup met while still staying vegan. Below are several creamy vegan broccoli soup recipes that are as tasty as they are easy.

Creamy vegan broccoli soup: Being vegan doesn’t mean creamy soups are out of reach. This recipe is made with macadamia milk as a base, as well as coconut milk. Garlic, veggie broth and onion add plenty of flavor. There are even optional instructions for browned broccoli croutons.

Vegan broccoli and cheese soup: If you love a delightfully creamy cheese soup, this vegan recipe has you covered. The vegan “cheese” sauce is made with ingredients like potatoes, nutritional yeast, coconut oil and white wine vinegar. The soup itself has a kick to it, calling for cayenne pepper and chickpea miso.

Broccoli soup with ginger and lemon: As the name suggests, the ginger and lemon flavoring in this soup give it a neat little twist. Coconut milk gives it a creamy texture. Optional toppings to this dish include coconut milk, scallions, sesame seeds and roasted broccoli.

Sweet potato and broccoli cheese soup: Other recipes on the list have called for potatoes, but sweet potatoes are a flavorful twist. Another interesting flavor twist is the bit of dill pickle juice the recipe calls for.

Vegan cream of broccoli soup: This recipe calls for your basic veggies and seasonings. It also calls for a cup of non-dairy milk to add to the creamy consistency. It’s easy to make, as it basically calls for cooking the veggies and then throwing it all into a blender.

Broccoli and potato soup: Can’t decide between a cream of broccoli and cream of potato soup? Have both! Two cups of broccoli and three medium potatoes form the base of this dish. It also calls for an optional garnish of chives and vegan sour cream. Thyme also adds a distinct taste.

Creamy vegan broccoli soup with curried chickpeas: If you love curry, you’ll love this interesting take on broccoli soup. This adds roasted chickpeas into the mix, along with curry powder and turmeric for a truly Indian taste. Tip: serve this with naan bread on the side.

Vegan cream of broccoli soup: This recipe is on the easier side, with just nine ingredients. Tons of broccoli forms the base, of course, but there’s also cauliflower, onion, garlic, vegetable broth and Celtic sea salt for added flavor and nutrients.

Creamy broccoli soup: Here’s another vegan soup with a faux cream. It’s made with a cashew cream sauce mixture including potatoes, raw cashews, white beans, miso, nutritional yeast and lemon juice.

Spiced creamy broccoli soup: This recipe is perfect if you want a bit of a kick to your broccoli soup. It’s packed full of spices like cayenne pepper, cumin, onion powder, coriander and basil. It also calls for soaked cashews and non-dairy milk to give a creamier base.

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