Vegan Cookies and Bars

Raw Fig & Cherry Bars

raw fig and cherry bars

I originally developed these bars for a cooking class on bone health. Almost every ingredient here is high in calcium, resulting in a bar that delivers about 12% of this mineral’s daily requirement for women. They’re also high in protein and work as a great energy bar. I often carry these in the car with me for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Recipe and photo courtesy of Ricki Heller, from Sweet Freedom. more→

Almond Thumbprint Cookies – Vegan & Gluten Free

almond thumbprint cookies - vegan and gluten freeThese cookies are as simple to make as they are beautiful. Use any flavor of preserves you’d like in these…. I happen to really love the amber glow of the apricot preserves. A thicker jam or fruit preserve is key to having a uniform color puddle in your cookies. Sprinkle with a touch of confectioners sugar for the ultimate eye-popper. Recipe and photo contributed by Allyson Kramer, from Manifest Vegan. more→

Sesame-Crispy Rice Cookies

Sesame-Crispy Rice Cookies

If you like tahini and sesame seeds, this crunchy cookie is sure to please. It’s one of those neat, not-too-sweet treats that’s perfect for an evening snack or for the lunchbox. The recipe doubles easily for those occasions, such as holidays, when you need more or would like to share. This recipe makes 16 to 20 cookies, depending on how much you drop onto the baking sheet each time. For a larger batch, this doubles easily. Photos by Evan Atlas. more→

Chocolate Chip Apricot Blondies

Chocolate chip and apricot blondies

Here’s a fruity variation on brownies — with plenty of dried apricots and a dollop of applesauce — that my family likes just as much as the all-chocolate version. more→

Seed Jumble Cookies

seed jumble cookies by Ricki Heller

Reminiscent of a granola bar, these cookies are chock-full of seeds and flavor. And they’re incredibly easy to make! Recipe and photo courtesy of Ricki Heller, from Sweet Freedom. more→

Vegan Hamantaschen

vegan hamantaschen

Making these traditional Purim cookies in a vegan rendition is not much of a stretch—Earth Balance comes to the rescue. I like to make them with at least two, or even three types of jam for variety and color. more→

Graham Thumbprint Cookies

This fun-to-make cookie will please young and grown-up tastes alike. Kids can participate in every step of the recipe, but they have the most fun with forming the dough into balls (make sure they have plenty of flour on their hands—the dough is slightly sticky), making the thumbprints, and filling the holes. I like to use two or three different types of preserves for each batch—strawberry and apricot are favorites. Adapted from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook. more→

Chocolate Nut Cookies

These nutty chocolate cookies have a nice crackle top highlighted by the use of powdered sugar. If you need a nice big batch of easy little cookies, these are a good choice.



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