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5 Best Vegan Tacos for Breakfast

Veggie oat taco filling

Everybody loves tacos. However, in order to eat tacos as a vegan, we sometimes have to get a little creative. A plant-based diet means we have to load up on veggies and find some alternatives to certain taco staples. Of course, that just means our tacos are more colorful and unique! Some recipes for our favorite vegetarian tacos are over on OhMyVeggies, and they cover everything from tofu tacos to lentil tacos. Most of these vegetarian tacos are great options for vegans, but unfortunately, some of them do include things like eggs. As a result, there are only a few viable options for the most important meal of the day: breakfast! Who wouldn’t want to eat tacos for breakfast? Some people think that to be healthy they should eat less and just skip their first meal, but in actuality, you need to eat a good breakfast. In order to jump start your morning, we’re here to give you some vegan and vegetarian tacos recipes for the best vegan tacos for breakfast!

Hot for Food Vegan Breakfast Tacos

This basic vegan breakfast taco uses some typical ingredients like tofu scramble, kale, and black beans, but it adds in some more interesting toppings like cumin, salsa, and chili flakes!

Southwest Tofu Scramble Breakfast Tacos

Although tofu scramble remains the best substitute for eggs, this breakfast taco has more great seasonings and toppings to make you happy. If you’re afraid of tofu, this might be the dish for you because the southwest flavors and spices will make you forget you added tofu at all!

Vegan Breakfast Tacos With Mango Pineapple Salsa

In keeping with the Mexican theme, here is a slightly more exotic recipe for vegan breakfast tacos! These tacos make use of the special mango pineapple salsa to give this taco a light but delicious flavor. Plus, this tofu scramble also includes black beans!

Fall Inspired Breakfast Tacos with Avocado Cream

To add a little variety into your morning routine, here is a recipe for less intense breakfast taco. This autumnal taco features avocado cream (Yum!) and delicata squash! This is one of the best vegan tacos for breakfast because the ingredients in this recipe give you a much needed change from tofu scramble and salsa.

Delish Knowledge Southwest Breakfast Tacos

If you don’t have enough recipes for a southwestern breakfast taco, here’s one more! However, to make this taco unique, it uses hashbrown patties because what’s breakfast without hashbrowns?

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