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Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

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As a vegan, you probably care deeply about where your food comes from. It should be responsibly sourced, sustainable and free from harmful chemicals and practices. What better way to achieve this than to start your own vegetable garden? Whether in a specially acquired allotment or your own back yard, you can start growing the freshest ingredients to put into a great vegan recipe. Today, we’ll talk about the benefits of growing your own vegetables, and some ways to get started.

The simple fact about taking control of your vegetables is that you know exactly what you get. Any pesticides that you may take issue with are a problem no more. This may mean that the final product is healthier and more nutritious than the mass produced vegetables found at your local supermarket.

You may also have a greater appreciation for the growing process. This is important as a vegan because it will allow that passion for ethically sourced food to resurface. By taking a seed and gently nurturing it until it becomes a delicious addition to your meals, you can reconnect with nature.

Furthermore, there is the environmental benefit. Food that is grown in your own back yard doesn’t require any transportation, which means there is no energy consumption. This reduces your carbon footprint, but also means that you are consuming only the freshest and most delicious produce.

Not only is a vegetable garden convenient, but it could reduce the grocery bill significantly.

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How to Get Started

Anyone can start a vegetable garden, but where you live will affect exactly how you go about it. If you have a large garden, your best bet is to buy some vegetable seeds and get planting.

However, if you live in a block of flats in an urban center, things may be slightly more complicated. Search the net for allotments near you. If there aren’t any, get in touch with the council to do something about that wasteland down the road. There is always space for new gardens.

Alternatively, look for a transition town near you. Transition towns are communities that have come together to create more ethical and sustainable urban areas, with a focus on creating more green space for growing local produce.

Even if there is really no outdoor space near you, there is always the option of growing vegetables inside. This brings your favorite food even closer to home and can improve the aesthetics of your home interior.

For any vegetable loving vegan, growing your own produce has financial, environment, taste and health advantages. What’s more, it can reinvigorate that passion for a plant based diet.

Contributed by Sally Phillips

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