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Daiya nondairy cheese

daiya nondairy cheese

Daiya vegan cheese is ideal for anyone who is allergic to dairy, soy, or nuts, as it contains none of these ingredients! Its primary ingredient is cassava root, (from which tapioca is derived), yet it melts and stretches better than any other nondairy cheese I’ve ever had.

In a very short time from its arrival, Daiya has made rapid inroads in the retail market. The mozzarella or cheddar style shreds are perfect for pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, Mexican-style foods, nachos, or anywhere you’d use shredded cheese. It’s not widely available in retail locations as yet, but that seems to be rapidly changing. A list of restaurant, retail, and online availability is here.

In just the last year, the number of restaurants who use it and retail outlets that carry it has increased greatly; I can’t imagine that it isn’t stocked in natural foods supermarkets, as both of the modest-sized two health food stores in my town carry it. UPDATE! Daiya is now available in wedge-style solid cheese wedges. On the creamy side, it is nonetheless quite sliceable and oh, so delicious — tangy and decidedly cheese-like. It comes in cheddar, garlic havarti, and jack-style flavors.

Daiya isn’t a highly nutritious food, but it does have all-natural ingredients. It’s neither high in fat nor calories. Think of it as an intense flavoring for your healthy plant-based foods. At about $5.29 for 8 ounces, it’s not cheap, but for those who don’t do dairy or soy, and who miss a real cheesy melt, a homemade veggie pizza or other cheese dishes won’t cost more than their takeout equivalents, even at this price. Aside from pizza, Daiya is amazing in lasagne, quesadillas, and nachos.

For vegans, the soy sensitive, and the lactose-intolerant, Daiya is a revelation, and turns whatever food it graces into a slice of heaven.


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    April 5, 2012 at 10:26 am

    I have used this cheese before. My children and I made homemade pizza and this cheese was the star of the show. I forgot to mention to them that it was vegan (I am still implementing vegan-ism to them).

  • Reply
    April 12, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Daiya is very convincing when well melted! Your secret’s safe with me …

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