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Green Smoothies That Don’t Taste Green at All

Fresh green smoothie outdoors

There’s nothing quite like the invigorating color of bright green smoothies. Just looking at the deep chlorophyll green makes you feel healthy. But looking at it reminds you of the taste of spinach or what you would imagine grass to taste like.

Actually, a brilliant green smoothie can taste amazing. Added flavors like spices, berries and tropical fruits can make a green smoothie taste divine. So below are several types of green smoothies that don’t taste green.

Tropical Green Energy Smoothie

One of the easiest ways to make a smoothie not taste green is to add some mango. Mango is a strong tropical flavor that will make you think you’re sipping a tropical drink along the seaside. As an added fruity boost, the recipe also calls for lime juice, a banana and coconut water.

Find the recipe here: Tropical Green Energy Smoothie

Avocado seed smoothie

The benefits of avocado seeds are numerous. They’re strong antioxidants and high in soluble fiber, for starters. This recipe also calls for banana, lemon, ginger and coconut water for a boost of flavor. Matcha powder and spinach also add to the health benefits.

Find the recipe here: Avocado seed smoothie

The Best Ever Vegan Green smoothie

the best ever vegan green smoothie

Image: Sonima

Add some blue to your green smoothie by packing in the superfood favorite of blueberries. This recipe also adds some protein in the form of almond butter. Added greens of your choice, avocado and spirulina give this smoothie its green color.

Find the recipe here: The Best Ever Vegan Green smoothie

Snickerdoodle green smoothie

Love snickerdoodles? This green smoothie calls for adding cinnamon to cut back on the green smoothie “grass” flavor. Vanilla also boosts the cookie flavor of this drink. In addition, you have avocado, banana, spinach and almond milk in this recipe.

Find the recipe here: Snickerdoodle green smoothie

Spinach banana super smoothie

If you’re looking for a super easy recipe that just has four ingredients, look no further than this drink. It contains a banana, spinach, peanut butter for a shock of delicious protein and soy milk. The banana and peanut butter will keep it from tasting like a blenderized salad.

Find the recipe here: Spinach banana super smoothie

Vegan mango coconut green smoothie

This recipe loads in the coconut flavoring, in addition to mango, for a tropical blast. Canned coconut milk adds a deep coconut base. A banana and orange juice add to the tropical flavors. Spinach gives this smoothie its green color. An option for added coconut flavor is some coconut butter.

Find the recipe here: Vegan mango coconut green smoothie

Tropical green smoothie

This is another recipe that packs in the tropical flavors. It also calls for mango and banana. It adds pineapple and a cup of your favorite optional berry. It’s very free-flowing, as it allows you to choose your favorite type of vegan milk and vegan sweetener.

Find the recipe here: Tropical green smoothie

Strawberry pomegranate smoothie

Proving that a great way to get rid of the green smoothie leafy taste is to load up on the fruit, this recipe adds strawberry, pomegranate and banana. It also gets its green color from spinach.

Find the recipe here: Strawberry pomegranate smoothie

Frozen green smoothie

This cool beverage is perfect for the hot days of summer, or anytime you need a cool down after a workout. It calls for spinach, almond milk and a bunch of chopped, frozen bananas.

Find the recipe here: Frozen green smoothie

Green protein smoothie

This deep green smoothie calls for spinach, green apples and spirulina powder for its coloring. It adds mango and ginger for boosted flavor. Hemp protein adds the protein boost.

Find the recipe here: Green protein smoothie

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