Mango Papaya Smoothie Bowl

Mango Papaya Smoothie Bowl

If you’re new to smoothie bowls, you’ll soon understand their their appeal. This one combines two juicy tropical fruits, mango and papaya. Add-ins are the best part of smoothie bowls, making them a little more interesting, better-looking, and possibly more filling too (depending on said toppings)?

Speaking of toppings, choose as many or as few as you’d like; just don’t skip the beautiful golden syrup to add a little sweetness, tartness and flavor boost. You can replace the coconut milk with any unsweetened plain vegan yogurt you like. If the results are too thick for your taste, you can thin them out with an unsweetened plain plant-based milk of choice. more→

Nearly Raw Mac and Cheese

Almost-raw "mac and cheese"

This nearly raw mac and cheese is pretty amazing, even though there’s no macaroni and no cheese in it! The noodles are a summer favorite, spiraled zucchini, and the sauce, based on carrots cashews, hemp seeds, and nutritional yeast is surprisingly cheesy. Though a high-speed blender is preferable for making the sauce, no worries if you just have a regular blender.

Spiralize the zucchini noodles yourself, or, if you don’t own a spiral slicer, you can get spiralized squash in the produce section of many supermarket these days, yay! This is recipe says “comfort food” like raw foods rarely do. more→

Chard with Pinto Beans

Chard with pinto bean

This simple recipe for chard with pinto beans is inspired by a Native American recipe made with wild greens. It’s an excellent way to use up big bunches of chard when it’s in peak season. You can use any variety of chard — green, Swiss, rainbow — our favorite is the latter. You can substitute other greens in whole or in part, too — kale, collards, spinach, mustard greens, etc. Try this side with tortilla dishes that don’t themselves contain beans, like vegan quesadillas. more→

Preserving Garlic

garlic cloves

Preserving garlic by any method is not a substitute for fresh, but it does have its own charms and advantages, especially if you grow it and have a bumper crop Here we’ll explore how to preserve garlic: freezing, drying, garlic vinegar, garlic salt, garlic oil, and refrigerator garlic pickles. Different methods of preserving garlic lend themselves to their own culinary uses, so explore them all and see which ones best suit your needs. There are six excellent methods for preserving garlic.

6 Ways to Use Pre-grated Carrots

Asian flavored quinoa wraps

Carrots are a fantastic vegetable to incorporate into your daily diet — filled with Vitamins A and C, they’re also a great source of fiber. Most kids and picky eaters don’t object to carrots even if veggies aren’t their thing. Whole carrots, baby carrots, grated carrots — they’re all good. Grated carrots can go into so many kinds of dishes or star in other, but if you’re not inclined to peel and grate whole carrots, take advantage of pre-grated carrots from the supermarket.

In our Vegan Food Hacks kitchen, we love them, and even when other kinds of carrots are in the fridge, as they usually are, there’s often a bag of them on hand to toss into all manner of dishes or as a foundation for simple salads. Here’s a sampling ways to use pre-grated carrots. more→

10 Benefits of Eating Raw Food

Jicama salad with oranges and watercress

The human race learned long ago that cooking meat before eating it would protect them from parasites. Since then this practice of cooking has grown to include all types of foods and is now considered an art. The average meal generally doesn’t include many raw elements, except for the leafy green salad. Here we’ll consider 10 benefits of eating raw food.

However, the advantages of eating raw foods bring nature’s intentions into focus. When I speak of eating raw I’m referring to fruit, nuts, and vegetables, which taste good to the majority of humankind in their basic simplicity direct from tree, bush or vine.


6 Health Benefits of Hummus

Hummus recipe

Hummus, the rich, creamy dip, is central to Middle Eastern cuisine. Most of us eat it because it’s so tasty; but we don’t often consider the health benefits of hummus. But you can be sure that hummus is a good-for-you treat — it consists mainly of chickpeas and sesame seeds. Lemon and garlic are also intrinsic to its unique flavor — and variations can include spices, peppers, olives, and other ingredients to make a great thing even better. Hummus is most often used as a dip for fresh pita, but there are other ways to use it. It’s great in wraps, as a potato topping, and even on pizza in place of tomato sauce.

You can buy hummus from the store, but for all the healthy goodness that it comes with, it’s always better to make it yourself at home — it’s easy to do — here’s our basic recipe, with variations. Despite its delicately complex taste, hummus is actually surprisingly easy to make. more→

Super-Quick Grain-Stuffed Peppers

Farro-Stuffed peppers3

Stuffed peppers seem like such a fancy thing to make, something you’d serve at a special occasion or a holiday meal. And yes, they can be all that. But quick grain-stuffed peppers can also be made for everyday meals with little fuss. The secret is using tasty, all-natural pilaf mixes, which have so much flavor that there’s no need to measure and mix a multitude of seasonings; no need to do anything other than follow package directions.

Once you stuff these pilafs into prepared peppers, you need not even cook or bake them any further. For this dinner hack, we used a delicious porcini-flavored quick-cooking farro pilaf mix, but you can also use quick rice or couscous pilafs (not all are vegan so check labels). more→

6 Unique Kitchen Gadgets for Easy Summer Produce Prep

kitchen gadgets

Summer is the time to enjoy lots of fresh produce and herbs straight from the garden or farm market. Here are a few unique kitchen gadgets — tools that are inexpensive, compact, and will help ensure that you use up and enjoy your market finds to the fullest!

6 Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Cherry Pitter

Midsummer brings a bounty of cherries, and while the best way to enjoy them is just as they are (and discretely spit out the pits!), what if you want to make a fresh cherry pie or cobbler or throw a bunch in your smoothie? Truly, pitting cherries is a pain and is hard to do cleanly. Myliffri Cherry Pitter (shown at top) does 6 at a time, preserving the cherry and the juice. 

Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper

Corn cob stripper

Sure, you can always reach for a bag of frozen corn, but when fresh corn is so excellent and sweet in season, it’s a shame not to use it — on the cob and off. Stripping corn kernels off the cob with a knife isn’t exactly a tough task but it does make a bit of a mess and does’t do the job thoroughly. This clever Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper is just what’s needed to get the job done neatly and in seconds. Fresh corn salads, salsas, side dishes, and more are almost literally at your fingertips.

Chef’n Zipstrip Herb Stripper

Herb stripper

Fresh herbs add so much flavor to summer far, but separating the leaves from the stems feels tedious. If you’re like most of us, you’ve had more than one batch of fresh herbs go bad due to laziness. Chef’n Zipstrip Herb Stripper makes the process stemming herbs easier, plus, the container that catches the leaves doubles as a measuring cup.

Artland Press Oil infuser

Oil infuser

If you love infused olive oil but not the price tag, you’ll be excited to learn how easy it is to make your own. Artland Press oil infuser lets you easily infuse olive oil with rosemary, basil, thyme, and other aromatic herbs, and garlic, too. Pour straight from this bottle, and once it’s used up, it’s easy to clean.

Zoodle Slicer

“Zoodle” slicer (spiralizer)

Making vegetable “noodles” is all the rage, and while we still also love our World Cuisine Spiral Slicer, the Original Zoodle Slicer is more compact, making it a great choice for kitchens without a lot of cabinet or counter space. Have fun turning zucchini, beets, carrots, sweet potoes, and other vegetables into fun noodle shapes, and watch even the picky eaters line up. Smith and Oliver Multifunction Peeler

Multifunction peeler

Finally, the Smith and Oliver Multifunction Peeler is such an incredibly useful tool for under 10 dollars — it not only makes peeling a breeze, it also shaves, zests, and juliennes.

Enjoy these unique kitchen gadgets all summer long, but don’t put them away once the season ends — so many of them are useful all year round.

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BBQ Tempeh Salad with Vegan Ranch Dressing

BBQ tempeh salad with creamy ranch dressing

The synergy between hearty BBQ tempeh croutons and crisp salad veggies dressed in creamy vegan ranch dressing is most appealing. First presented as one of our Vegan Dinner Hacks, paired with sweet potato fries, this is a more formal recipe. But not so formal that you have to follow this recipe precisely — far from it. The barbecue-flavored tempeh croutons make any salad hearty and satisfying; you can vary the kinds of salad veggies here as you’d like. more→


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