Stocks and Broths for Vegan Soups

Shiitake Mushroom and Bok Choy Soup

Adapted from Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons. Contrary to culinary myth, the absence of a strong-flavored meat stock does not present a huge challenge to the creation of tasty plant-based soups and stews. Many ethnic cuisines produce classic soups that in their original form are completely vegetarian or vegan. True, almost any soup can benefit from a good stock to boost flavor, but I place fresh and flavorful ingredients and creative seasoning above stock in contributing to the success of a soup. more→


5 Superfood Berries You Should Know About

Goji berries in meusli

Of all the so-called superfoods — the nutrient-rich foods high in antioxidants that are thought to fight the ills of aging — few receive more accolades than the berry family. From humble blueberries to their exotic cousins from distant climes, berries have muscled out other super fruits to take a firm stand front and center. Sure, orange fruits and dark leafy greens  get their fair shake, but the berries seem to steal the show. more→


Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cake

Vegan sweet potato chocolate cake

Just as the flavors of pumpkin (or other orange winter squash, especially butternut) and chocolate are surprisingly compatible, so are the flavors of sweet potato and chocolate. This moist cake will surprise your taste buds, and once you’ve got your pureed sweet potato, it’s super easy to make.



How to Tell If You’re Overcooking Your Vegetables

Vegetable Stir-fry recipe

Disliking vegetables is something you should grow out of as you grow up and learn to appreciate the goodness that comes with your greens. Unfortunately, not everyone has the magic touch in the kitchen — and sometimes it takes a skilled hand to turn raw vegetables into a delicious addition to your meal. In fact, one of the best ways to ruin your appetite for veggies is to overcook them. Even worse, your diet and health will suffer as a result.  more→