Monthly Archives: February 2009

Easy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Aside from using this with this quesadilla recipe and others like it, you can also pour this offbeat sauce over potatoes, sweet potatoes, and grains.

Pan-Roasted Caulflower with Dried Tomatoes

In our home, cauliflower is a favorite vegetable, second only to broccoli. We’re more than glad to have it steamed, with just a splash of flaxseed oil, but the combination of dried tomatoes and basil adds a special touch. 

Curried Coconut Bean Thread Noodles

Don’t be daunted by the list of ingredients used here; it all comes together quickly, as the idea is to cook everything as briefly as possible. Enveloped in plenty of coconut milk, this dish of noodles and vegetables becomes quite luscious.

Mujaddarah (Middle Eastern Bulgur and Lentil Pilaf)

This traditional Middle Eastern dish is sometimes made with rice, and sometimes with cracked wheat. The grain is combined with lentils and lots of onions browned by olive oil. Even in its basic form, it’s delicious. Since we save some time by cooking (rather than soaking) the bulgur, I like to dress up this classic […]

Mustard-Spiked Cheez Sauce

This luscious sauce makes vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, Brussels sprouts) more appealing to the finicky, but even veggies lovers will enjoy this cheesy treat.

Grated Vegetable Salad with Tahini Dressing

Here’s another good way to utilize root vegetables raw; the dressing adds a rich, delicious flavor.

Cinnamon-Walnut Crumble Coffee Cake

I love a good coffee cake to serve as a snack or for breakfast, and when I needed a vegan version, this recipe is the one I turned to. 

Ancient Grains Revival

When you open your pantry, do images of the rugged mountains of South America, the colorful tablelands of Africa and the fertile river valleys of the Middle East dance before your eyes? If not, you have yet to discover amaranth, quinoa, spelt, kamut and teff, the quintet of nutritional powerhouses known as the ancient grains. […]