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Fresh Fruity Treats for Kids

Here is a sampling of easy fruity treats for kids that are a bit more exciting than plain fruit on a plate. For another nifty idea for using fruit, see Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits. Recipes adapted from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook. CHUNKY APPLESAUCE Shown at top this is the perfect thing to make after you’ve gone […]

Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween used to scare me. My kids coming home with all that junk food sent shivers through my spine. But with a selection of healthy Halloween treats and snacks, it’s a joy, a chance to play dress-up with the kids, and parade around the neighborhood at night, greeting friends, nibbling on healthy, all natural candies, […]

Healthy Snacks for Kids and Teens

Instead of loading up on store-bought snacks, which are high in sodium, sugar, and fat (nearly all supermarket snack foods contain unhealthy partially hydrogenated fats), try these simple home-made healthy snacks for kids. Americans are a snack-crazed culture. And for better or worse, our children seem to be born with this passion for snacking. From […]

1,000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson

Okay, vegans, here it is—your very own Joy of Cooking.Covering every  culinary angle under the sun, 1,000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson is a great resource and reference for every vegan kitchen. Robin has been a great colleague for many years and is a prolific and talented food writer. Her recipes reflect the way I like to cook, […]


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