Hanukkah Recipes (featuring vegan latkes)

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As every child knows, Hanukkah is pure fun and joy. It hasn’t the solemnity of major Jewish holidays, nor a trove of symbolic foods to be eaten at a central feast, save for potato pancakes, or latkes, which are a must. And the candle-lighting ritual—adding one more candle each night for the eight nights of Hannukah—and dreidel games are eagerly anticipated by children as well as the child that lives in all of us.

To accompany latkes, I usually make a light meal. Potato pancakes served with applesauce and/or vegan sour cream are so delicious and filling, that they become the “main event.” I usually make other, traditionally Jewish or Middle Eastern foods—on the lighter side and in moderate quantities—to accompany them. To be honest, these other items are often ignored. It’s all about the latkes, so make lots of them!

Some things you can serve with latkes that go well with them:

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