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Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce recipe

This vegan cauliflower Alfredo sauce is creamy, dreamy, and won’t clog your arteries like the original recipe. Traditional Alfredo sauce is made with lots of butter, heavy cream, and a mountain of Parmesan cheese. Seriously, who needs to take that bullet, when there are so many alternatives to heart-unhealthy foods?

This vegan version is vegetable-based but no one would guess that the secret ingredient is cauliflower. Its best use is on pasta, and this makes enough for 12 to 16 ounces of cooked pasta. You can also use it as a sauce for other vegetables, or to top potatoes or sweet potatoes. See the notes below for tips and variations. Photos by Hannah Kaminsky. more→

Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas for Every Day

Easy vegan hot bean dip

Finding easy vegan lunch ideas and recipes for school or work on a daily basis can be as daunting as getting a healthy dinner on the table day after day. We’re here to help! VegKitchen and Vegan Food Hacks are dedicated to making each and every plant-based meal as simple to prepare as possible, and that includes lunch!

Packing your own lunches at home has lots of advantages, including: more→

Vegan Egg Foo Yong

Vegan "Egg" foo yong

This vegan “egg” foo yong recipe is an excellent replica of the popular Chinese dish. This version, is made with chickpea flour, sometimes packaged as garbanzo bean flour and various other names you’ll see in the note following the recipe. It’s very easy to make, and excellent served with stir-fries and rice dishes. This makes 4 pancakes; 2 larger or 4 smaller servings. All photos by Hannah Kaminsky.  more→

Vegan Tofu Scrambles to Make Without a Recipe

Scrambled tofu zucchini pepper

Vegan tofu scrambles are easy enough make without a recipe, and which are welcome for any meal of the day — breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, brunch. All you need are a few quick tips, some choice ingredients, and you can enjoy this yummy fare in minutes.

For tofu scrambles, I like to use soft or firm tofu (the kind that comes in 14-to 16-ounce tubs), or a 12.3-ounce container of firm or extra-firm silken tofu. If all you have on hand is a tub of extra-firm tofu and you’re craving this kind of meal, go ahead and use it — it will still be good. more→

Vegan Chickpea Flour Omelets or Frittatas

Vegan chickpea flour omelet

There’s something about re-creating egg dishes in vegan versions that’s fun to do and comforting to eat. After going plant-based, we sometimes miss favorite foods, and these easy vegan chickpea flour omelets do the trick as a swap for their egg equivalents.

While these omelets don’t taste exactly like eggs, they don’t have to —they’re tasty in their own right and do a fine job of enveloping your favorite veggies. They’re excellent for brunch, portable lunches in a flat container, and as a light dinner with fresh whole grain bread and a salad, or a baked potato. more→

10 Easy Vegan Wraps to Make in 10 minutes or Less

Tempeh bacon lettuce tomato wraps and polenta fries

Wrapping leafy greens and all kinds of veggies and leafy greens into a wrapper lets the ingredients shine in a way that bread-y sandwiches can’t always do. And yet, that simple step of wrapping things up makes this kind of fare instantly appealing. We’ve rounded up 10 easy vegan wraps you can make in 10 minutes or less, because who doesn’t love a great wrap? It’s perfect fare for lunchtime, and can be the centerpiece of light dinner, too. more→

How to Make Anything Taste Like (Vegan) Bacon

How to make anything taste like vegan bacon

Here are a few great ways to turn plant-based ingredients into an animal-free alternative to bacon. That bacon-y smell and flavor that drives people crazy can be replicated by making a simple marinade with just a few ingredients. When you see how easy it is to make almost anything taste like (vegan) bacon, have fun and try this with other foods.

Even if these preparations aren’t exactly like bacon, and admittedly, they’re not, their flavors and aromas are addictive in their own right — sweet, salty, and smoky. Anything you cook like this will disappear quickly. more→

9 Ways to Use Crunchy Granola

Granola on nondairy ice cream

Back in the day, “crunchy granola” was a mildly contemptuous reference to the hippie lifestyle or ultra-liberal views. Today, granola isn’t just for hippies, and you don’t even have to make it yourself. With so many kinds of granola available in bulk and in the natural foods cereal section, there are so many uses for granola other than as a form of sarcasm! Note that some granolas use honey, so if you’re strictly vegan and avoid this sweetener, read labels carefully. Here are 9 ways to use crunchy granola that you may never have considered. more→

Fuss-Free Baked Polenta Fries

Easy Baked Polenta fries

There are lots of posts on food blogs and sites for baked polenta fries, in which a rather lengthy  process is detailed. First, the polenta is cooked from scratch (it’s kind of like a coarse cornmeal mush for those of you not familiar with it); then it’s spread into a dish in which it cools and firms up; then the fry shapes are cut from that. And because food blogs usually want to present recipes that involve more than one or two ingredients, seasonings are added to the mix, as well.

I, too, presented such a recipe. And much as I love polenta fries, I have to admit that I never made them that way again. It’s not that it’s difficult; it is tedious, and between the cooking of the polenta and letting it set, we’re easily talking about 2 to 3 hours before they even go into the oven. more→

10 Easy Ideas to Make Brown Rice More Enticing

Black beans and rice

Many of us know that brown rice is better for you than white (see Top 10 Benefits of Brown Rice), but boy, the stuff can be boring. If you’re a fan of brown rice, you’ll love these easy ways to make this bland yet worthy grain more enticing. Best of all, none of these brown rice ideas require recipes to follow; just be inspired, and add your own tweaks and touches.

You might especially appreciate these ideas if you have leftover brown rice from Chinese takeout (yes, sometimes, even us vegan kitchen gods and goddesses succumb). But there’s nearly always way too much rice, because it’s really packed into those boxes. So there it is the next day, sitting all forlorn and drying out in its paper container in the fridge. Read on for great ways to put brown rice to use, whether you cook it yourself or it’s left over from takeout. more→

6 Ways to Use Amy’s Chili

easy vegan black bean tostadas

Here at Vegan Food Hacks, Amy’s chili is one of our favorite shortcuts for healthy, hack-worthy dishes. When you need dinner (or lunch, for that matter) in a flash, it can be a real lifesaver. While it’s not all that big of a deal to make a big pot of really good chili that you can enjoy for a good part of the week, there are times when you just don’t have enough brain cells or patience for even a basic dish like this.

A can of Amy’s chili doesn’t go a long way, but what it lacks in volume you can make up for in creativity. Look for it in natural foods stores and in the natural foods aisle in well-stocked supermarkets. Here are some of our favorite ways to use it: more→

5 Great Ways to Use Hummus

5 great ways to use hummus

Not long ago, prepared hummus became one of the fastest-growing snack foods in America. This Middle Eastern classic is based on healthful chickpeas and tahini, so it’s a welcome alternative to the usual starchy and/or sugary junk foods people often gravitate to. And what a nice bonus it is that hummus, a Middle Eastern classic, is already vegan. Here are 5 great ways to use hummus, aside from its most common one as a dip for fresh pita bread.

Of course, you can make your own hummus and experiment with your own creative combinations and flavorings. But here at Vegan Food Hacks we’re very lazy, and fully endorse the store-bought varieties. There are so many varieties and flavors that the product often has its own bay in the supermarket produce section! more→


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