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6 Savory and Sweet Vegan Cornbread Recipes

Vegan corn kernel cornbread recipe

Vegan cornbread is one of the easiest kinds of quick bread to make at home. And that’s a good thing. as it’s fairly challenging to find good store-bought vegan cornbread. The rather dry crumb of a cornmeal-based bread requires a careful confluence of ingredients to result in a moist texture and delectable flavor. Here are six of our favorites. The first three goes well with warming soups, stews, and chilies, and the last two skew more toward tea breads, with slightly sweet flavors. Corn Kernel Cornbread or Muffins, above, are great with all sorts of bean stews and chilis. Consider adding the optional chilies and nondairy cheese, which give this pan bread a moist texture as well as a major yum factor.

Pumpkin cornbread by Debbie Adler from Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats

Pumpcorn Bread (Pumpkin Cornbread) is Debbie Adler’s ingenious fusion of fresh cornbread and pumpkin bread that’s perfect for winter holidays or everyday meals. Perfect to serve with meatless chili and other plant-based stews!

vegan green chile cornbread

Green Chile Cornbread, moist and spiked with green chile peppers, is an ideal companion to bean dishes, stews, and other hearty fare.

Vegan CornBread Cake leslie cerier

Leslie’s Vegan Cornbread is kind of a happy medium between sweet and savory — it’s a slightly sweet cornbread that can complement refried beans or chili, and is great for snacking and breakfast, too.

Vegan Blueberry Cornbread

Vegan Blueberry Cornbread rises so beautifully, with a golden crisp crust bursting with berries and corn kernels. It’s just moist and sweet enough to be a treat, but healthy enough to eat any time of day. During the winter months, use frozen corn and blueberries.

Apple cornbread

Compared with traditional bread, Annie Chen’s Apple Cornbread is closer to cake — not the type of cake you bake for special occasions, but a quick bread type of cake that you bake for teatime, afternoon snack, or breakfast. Unlike traditional corn bread, which tends to be a bit crumbly, I use syrup and apple juice to give it a fruity fragrance and extra moisture.

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