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5 Fantastic Okra Recipes

Okra rice soup

Okra is a traditional spring vegetable, especially loved in American Southern cuisine, to which it came by way of Africa. Admittedly, it’s a love it or hate it kind of veggie, with very little in between. If you enjoy this offbeat veggie, you’ll love these five fantastic okra recipes. A true Southern classic, Okra-Rice Soup (shown above) is a wonderfully complex blend of flavors and textures—thanks mainly to the unique character of okra.

Okra Masala by Terry Hope Romero from Vegan Eats World
Okra haters, prepare to be wooed. Terry Romero’s Okra Masala is an Indian vegetable curry that’s easy to love, loaded with garam masala and a touch of fresh tomato.

Creole Tomatoes with Okra - southern recipe

In this classic Creole Tomatoes with Okra, the acidity of the tomatoes seems to temper that unusual texture that us Yankees are so wary of. Delicious served over rice.

West african Peanut Okra Stew

West African-Style Peanut and Okra Stew is a westernized version of a typical African dish, made in various ways around the continent. It’s truly luscious and irresistible!

Southern-Style Succotash

It should come as no surprise that okra is the characteristic ingredient in Southern-Style Succotash. If you like okra, you’ll surely enjoy this dish.

Fresh okra

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