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Vegan Menu: Quick Quinoa Paella & Fruity Salad

Quick Quinoa paella

Here’s a tasty vegan menu featuring Quick Quinoa Paella. With peas and artichokes as stand-out ingredients, it feels kind of spring-like, yet it can be enjoyed any time of year. It will  warm and satisfy you in a hurry.

Paella is a Spanish pilaf traditionally made with white rice and seafood. We’ll do away with the seafood here, of course, and since we’re dispensing with tradition, let’s do away with white rice as well. Using nutritious and quick-cooking quinoa instead, you can have a colorful meal in about thirty minutes.

When you link through to the recipe, you’ll see that we recommend pairing it with Spinach, Orange, and Red Cabbage Salad. That’s a great choice, for sure, but since we suggested that in last week’s Monday Menu, let’s switch it up and let you choose from any of these Fruity, Nutty Mixed Greens Salads, which are practically recipe-free.

mixed greens salads

Quick Quinoa paella

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