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10 Amazing Vegan Avocado Toast Recipes

Avocado Coconut Bacon Toast

Not many healthy food delights are more worthy of having become a hot food trend than avocado toast. With its wealth of healthy fats and carbs, it’s easy, good for you, and comforting, perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch. And why not for dinner, too? It’s a perfect accompaniment to almost any kind of soup. Here are 10 amazing vegan avocado toast recipes that are so good, you won’t know which to try first!

When did avocado toast become such a thing? By now, Instagram must have hundreds of thousands of photos of it on display. And though it’s been around longer than 2013, that year could have been the tipping point. That’s when Gwyneth Paltrow include a recipe for it in her cookbook, It’s All Good. She admitted how stupid-simple it is, and that it’s hardly a recipe: “It’s the holy trinity of Vegenaise, avocado and salt that makes this like a favorite pair of jeans — so reliable and easy and always just what you want.” Her more recent book, It’s All Easy, offers up three more variations on avocado toast.

Now, more health-oriented eateries than ever feature avocado toast on the menu, even though it’s almost mindlessly easy to make at home. Come to think of it, avocado toast may have already turned the corner from hot trend to modern classic. Here are some of our favorite vegan variations from around the web.

Jessica Nadel ate the Avocado Toast with Coconut “Bacon” shown at top for about a month after coming up with this delectable combo. And who can blame her? Crunchy, sweet-and-salty coconut bacon is such a great foil for avocado.

Avocado toast with radishes and dill

Photo: Karissa Bowers, Organic Authority

Karissa Bowers of Organic Authority offers up this simple Avocado Toast with Radishes and Dill. The simple, clean flavors of this trio of ingredients needs only to be embellished with a drizzle of olive oil (and salt & pepper) to taste sublime.

Photo: Eat Within Your Means

Eat Within Your Means calls this The Best Avocado Toast, and it sure is action-packed! Embellished with corn, tomatoes, cilantro, and hemp seeds, avocado toast is taken to another level.

Avocado Toast with Cilantro Lime Cashew Creeam from with food + love

Photo: With Food + Love

Avocado Toast with Cilantro Lime Cashew Cream also exists on another level — a level of sheer bliss for the palate. Thanks to With Food + Love for this beauty!

Middle Eastern Avocado Toast from The EdgyVeg

Photo: The Edgy Veg

The Edgy Veg offers this Middle Eastern Avocado Toast, in a pairing with hummus, topped with a generous dusting of za’atar, a traditional spice blend. Brilliant! Link through for two more avocado toast ideas in the same post.

Garlic Mushroom Avocado Toast from The Wholesome Fork

Photo: The Wholesome Fork

Creamy mashed avocado topped with garlicky sautéed mushrooms — we’re there. Thanks to The Wholesome Fork for Garlic Mushroom Avocado Toast, a delectable and easy idea.

Avocado Nori Crostini by Julie Morris

Julie Morris claims that there’s only one thing better than creamy avocado on toast, and that’s creamy avocado on toast with just a teeny touch of buttery coconut oil. And there’s only one thing better than THAT — this recipe for Avocado Nori Crostini.

Vegan Avocado Toast with Spiced Chickpeas from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Photo: Lazy Cat Kitchen

Avocado Toast with Spiced Chickpeas from Lazy Cat Kitchen is an explosion of flavor and texture. Why wait, try this today!

Easy Avocado Toast from My Darling Vegan

Photo: My Darling Vegan

Easy Avocado Toast from My Darling Vegan keeps it simple with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes, nutritional yeast, and Himalayan salt. If you use a really good avocado, this lets its flavor shine through.

Smashed Bean and Avocado Toast from This Savory Vegan

Photo: This Savory Vegan

Smashed Bean and Avocado Toast from This Savory Vegan spices things up with jalapeño, red onion, garlic, cumin, and more. With a base of pinto beans, it’s a higher-protein variation on avocado toast that makes for a quick dinner sandwich.

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