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5 Vegan Main-Dish Salads Especially for Summer

Taco Salad recipe

Salad is a lot more fun when it becomes Taco Salad. Incorporating all the lively flavors of tacos, this tasty combination of veggies, black beans, and tortillas is quick and easy to prepare.


Vegan Salad Niçoise

Salade Niçoise is a beautifully composed salad of French origin that looks fancy but is incredibly easy to make. Serve with crusty bread or fresh corn on the cob and call it dinner.


Spinach, chickpea, and artichoke salad

A feast of color and texture, Spinach, Artichoke, and Chickpea Salad, embellished with other colorful veggies, is quick to prepare and a pleasure to serve. Serve it in larger portions as a main-dish salad; it’s great paired with a cold soup.

Gado-gado recipe

This composed salad is inspired by the classic Indonesian platter Gado-Gado, which combines raw and lightly cooked vegetables; some of the constant veggies include carrots, cauliflower, and green beans.

Pineapple Rice salad

Luscious Pineapple Rice Salad is a crowd-pleaser — it makes a generous portion, so it’s a good potluck dish. Brown rice mingles with chewy baked tofu, pineapple chunks, broccoli and bell peppers.

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