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Vegan Menu: Spanish Vegetable Stew

Spanish vegetable stew

Yes, it’s spring, but evenings can still be chilly and/or rainy, so this warming Spanish Vegetable Stew is just the thing for this week’s vegan menu. A classic seasonal stew (menestra de verduras), it has many regional variations, and can be made with different vegetables according to season. Constant ingredients include potatoes, carrots, and green peas; artichokes are the most characteristic. Fresh artichokes are called for in traditional recipes, but using the canned or frozen variety simplifies the process. Though it’s a stew, it’s nice and light, and with plenty of fresh asparagus,

Chickpea tomato olive salad recipe

A great companion dish to the stew to is Chickpea Salad with Tomatoes and Basil. Both the stew and the salad call for a crusty fresh whole-grain bread.

Chocolate Banana Pizza

If you want to end on a sweet note, try our almost ridiculously easy Chocolatey Banana Pizza — or just feast your eyes on the photo for now, and plan to make it soon for family and friends.

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