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VegKitchen’s Favorite Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Stuffed butternut squash with whole wheat and wild rice

When it comes to vegan Thanksgiving recipes and menus (which are also suitable for vegetarians, of course), VegKitchen is thankful that our Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner page has long been one of the premier resources on the web. There are lots of choices, from soups to desserts, but if you want to get right down to it, this page will narrow it down to our favorite vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

And of course, if you still prefer to cook from a book rather than a web site, please consider Vegan Holiday Kitchen, which offers recipes like these, and much more, for the Thanksgiving feast (and beyond — Hanukkah, Christmas, as well as the spring holidays and summer entertaining).

We’ve been making Butternut Squash with Whole Wheat, Wild Rice, and Onion Stuffing (at top) forever. You’ll love how the savory flavors contrast with the smooth, sweet squash.

Three sisters stew recipe“Three Sisters” Stew highlights the fact that Thanksgiving is a harvest festival, celebrating indigenous crops like corn, beans, and squash. I seem to alternate between this and the above stuffed squash, though once every few years I’ll choose Pueblo Corn Pie.

Cranberry wild rice stuffing recipeEveryone seems to love stuffing, though technically, if it’s not stuffed into anything, it’s called “dressing.” Cranberry-Pear Wild Rice Stuffing is my favorite, though if I’m making the stuffed butternut squash above, I wouldn’t choose this, as it also contains both wild rice and bread. There are lots of other choices for unstuffed stuffings, aka dressings, on the Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes page.

Tempeh, Brussels Sprouts, and Sweet Potato Stew recipeIf you’d like to make a more contemporary kind of main dish, you might want to consider Leslie Cerier’s Tempeh Stew with Wine and Shiitake Mushrooms, accompanied by her Cranberry-Orange Sauce.

vegan mashed potatoes with onion gravy recipeThere are sweet potato people and mashed potato people, and if you’re in the latter category, you’ll be among many VegKitchen readers who’ve gone crazy for Chef Beverly Bennett’s Mouthwatering Mashed Potatoes with Groovy Onion Gravy.
Maple baked sweet potatoesIf you’re more of a sweet potato person, we’ve got you covered here, too. Maple and Tarragon Sweet Potatoes are an exercise in simplicity and a nice contrast to some of the more complex flavors of a vegan Thanksgiving repast.
Easy vegan pumpkin pieLast but not least, though we have lots of dessert choices to choose from on our Thanksgiving page, I nearly always opt for the classic Easy Vegan Pumpkin or Squash Pie.

Once again, don’t forget to explore our Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner page for lots more choices and holiday classics (Brussels sprouts dishes! Corn! More entrees! More cranberry sauces! More desserts!) By making plant-based choices on this food-centric holidays, you’re making the world a kinder and better place. Anyone who can look at pages like this one and plan to have this kind of food is truly lucky, and we should be thankful for that, indeed, in a country where so many still go hungry and lack food security. I like to try to remember that this time of year is for charitable giving, as well as for celebrating. Have a happy and compassionate Thanksgiving!

Thanks to Hannah Kaminsky for creating the beautiful photos on this page.

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