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A Life in Balance By Meg Wolff

A Life in BalanceChanging your diet can change your life, and Meg Wolff is proof of that. A Life in Balance: Delicious Plant-based Recipes for Optimal Health* tells her story and provides an arsenal of recipes and tips for enjoying healthy, flavorful and economic meals. Eating a diet of whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits can prevent and reverse chronic disease. Wolff shows that changing to a plant-based diet opens you up to a wide variety of foods and options while at the same time, saving your life.

Surviving two bouts of cancer, leg amputation, radiation and chemotherapy, doctors gave Meg Wolff no hope for survival. She knew something had to change, so she dropped processed, junk foods and switched to a plant-based diet. This changed everything and made her feel better then ever.

Many find that making such drastic changes in their diet scary and almost impossible, but with a book like this it becomes easy, fun and almost necessary. Wolff makes sure to point out that taking small steps toward change, rather then doing it all at once can be much less intimidating and just as valuable. Every change you make, big or small, will help you and bring you closer to a longer and healthier life. Start with some of Meg Wolff’s small changes like: fruit for dessert, snack on nuts and seeds, more fresh veggies, no late night eating, drink more water and add beans to your diet. I’ve started by using some of these and after only a couple days I feel better already. Snacking on seeds and nuts instead of grabbing a candy bar or chips is the greatest change so far, much more satisfying and filling!

This book is set up perfectly, briefly giving reasons why to change your diet and why it is so beneficial. She then jumps right into the recipes, breaking them down into: Grains, Beans, Vegetables, Soups, Sea Vegetables, Salads and Snacks and Desserts. Within the chapters she also includes tips and notes to help you stay on track as well as understanding the differences between certain foods and substitutions.

Even though it may be challenging to change your diet, know that it is simpler than you think, and you can do so much with these foods that it will never get old or be limiting. Whether you already have a body that is in crisis or not, making this transition will change your life for the better.

Some of Meg’s recipes from the book can be found here on VegKitchen:

To learn more about Meg Wolff and plant-based diets visit her website and blog. Check out her other book too, Becoming Whole: The Story of My Complete Recovery from Breast Cancer*. 

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