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6 Delicious Seitan Recipes

Seitan gyros

Dense and chewy seitan — cooked wheat gluten — is almost pure protein. Clearly, though, seitan is not for anyone with gluten sensitivity. Store-bought seitan usually comes in 8-ounce packages or 16-ounce tubs, or you can make Homemade Seitan with the recipe on this site. It’s a hearty plant-based protein with an almost meaty texture. Here are 6 of our favorite ways to use this versatile food. Seitan Gyros is a kinder, gentler version of the Greek meat-on-a-pita classic. Seitan makes a superb stand-in, and the shortcut creamy cucumber dressing gives the entire enterprise a refreshing zip.

Roasted Seitan with Peppers and Mushrooms

Roasted Seitan, Peppers, and Portabellas is so easy to throw together, yet it makes a festive main dish for special occasions or a hearty meal for any day of the week.

seitan and polenta skillet from vegan express

In Seitan and Polenta Skillet with Fresh Greens, there’s something enticing about the seitan/polenta synergy, and with the addition of greens, results in a great-looking, hearty dish.

BBQ-flavored seitan and avocado wraps

In BBQ-Flavored Seitan and Avocado Wraps, flavorful seitan contrasts deliciously with cool avocado and leafy greens. Like most wraps, it’s a salad disguised as a sandwich.

Greens with seitan and vegan sausage

In Garlicky Greens with Seitan and Vegan Sausage, the bold taste of these two plant-based proteins provides a perfect foil for fresh greens.

Buddhist's Delight - seitan and vegetable stew

Inspired by a favorite vegetarian Chinese restaurant dish, “Buddhist’s Delight” is enhanced with protein-packed seitan and packed with colorful vegetables.

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    Thank you so much for the great recipes, I use them and share them on fb all the time. I have to specially thank you for these seitan recipes, I’ve been looking for some new ones!!

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    I just love the looks of these dishes as I am thinking of switching from meat. I suffer from an auto immune illness and started juicing and eating lots more vegetables and is feeling a whole lot better. So I came across these menu and is fascinating by them.

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