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Slow-Cooker Vegan Lasagna Primavera

Fresh from the vegan slow cooker by robin robertsonThis recipe for Slow-Cooker Vegan Lasagna Primavera was contributed by Robin Robertson, author of Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker * (The Harvard Common Press, 2012). One of the things I like most about using a slow cooker is its versatility.  While it is ideal for cooking beans, stews, soups, and chili, it can also be used to cook some things that may surprise you such as breads, cakes, and other desserts.  It’s also terrific for cooking casseroles and other recipes you normally associate with oven-baking.   Continue Reading…

Spring Crock Pot Vegetarian Recipes

Spring has sprung! The weather is finally warming up, and people are starting to mow their lawns again. We love spring because it brings a feeling of new life! However, it can feel a little disheartening if you keep cooking the same old winter food. Even though those hearty, heavy meals can be delicious, they have no place on your spring menu. Of course, many of us get busier in the spring. As our schedules pick up and we finish out our projects and work before summer hits, we have less and less time to cook. Thankfully, the crock pot exists. Rather than worrying about how you’ll cook this week, get out your slow cooker and stop wasting precious time cooking! OhMyVeggies has a bunch of crock pot vegetarian recipes, but here’s a list of some recipes just for spring.

Slow Cooker Corn Red Pepper Chowder

spring crock pot vegetarian recipes


Everyone needs a good chowder recipe, and this one uses corn and red peppers to keep it light and delicious for spring!

Find the recipe here: Slow Cooker Corn Red Pepper Chowder

Slow Cooker Vegan White Bean Cassoulet

Spring Crock Pot Vegetarian Recipes


Although cassoulet is traditionally a meat dish, this recipe is totally vegan! It uses white beans, and it’s a delicious dish to make this spring.

Find the recipe here: Slow Cooker Vegan White Bean Cassoulet

Crock Pot Homemade Yogurt

Spring Crock Pot Vegetarian Recipes


If you’ve been missing yogurt since becoming a vegan (or maybe you’ve never had yogurt because you’ve always been vegan!), here’s a great opportunity. You can make your own vegan yogurt in your crock pot!

Find the recipe here: Crock Pot Homemade Yogurt

Crock Pot Tomato Basil Soup

Spring Crock Pot Vegetarian Recipes


Tomato basil soup is a classic, so it’s a perfect recipe to try out with your crock pot!

Find the recipe here: Crock Pot Tomato Basil Soup

Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

Spring Crock Pot Vegetarian Recipes


Spring isn’t just a time for vegetable meals. It’s also a great time to make some interesting treats! Here’s a great recipe for rice pudding that you can make in your slow cooker.

Find the recipe here: Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

Vegetarian Collard Greens

Spring Crock Pot Vegetarian Recipes


In case you wanted collard greens as a vegan, here is a great recipe for you! It’s a perfect addition to your spring meals.

Find the recipe here: Vegetarian Collard Greens

Slow Cooker Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Spring Crock Pot Vegetarian Recipes


You can also use your slow cooker to make your own jam! This special recipe features strawberry rhubarb jam, which is totally unique and great option for your transition from spring into summer.

Find the recipe here: Slow Cooker Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Slow-Cooker Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup

Split peas cook down with pieces of potato and aromatic vegetables to create a thick and hearty, stick-to-your-ribs soup that’s excellent served with saltine crackers or slices of bread. Green split peas are rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, several vitamins and minerals, and beneficial dietary fiber, all while being extremely low in fat and sodium. This makes them a great choice if you’re trying to eat more healthy and nutritious meals. Reprinted with permission from The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Vegan Slow-cooking* by Beverly Bennett (Alpha Books, 2012). Continue Reading…

Slow Cooker Maple Pear Walnut Cake Oatmeal

Maple Pear Oatlmeal

This one is a comforting bowl of oatmeal. If you don’t have maple extract just use maple syrup as your sweetener to add that maple flavor. The maple really makes you think of the autumn leaves, the pear adds a little tart and a little sweet, and the walnuts add just the right amount of crunch. This is soy-free and gluten-free. This recipe uses a smaller slow cooker (1 1/2 to 2 quarts). Continue Reading…

Slow Cooker Carrot Cardamom Oatmeal

carrot cardomom oatmeal

This slow-cooker oatmeal is reminiscent of carrot halwa is a thick paste of carrot, sugar and cardamom that’s sometimes topped with saffron and pistachios. If you’re not sure if you’re a fan of cardamom or not just use 1/2 teaspoon instead of a whole teaspoon. You can always add more before serving. This recipe uses a smaller slow cooker that’s 1 1/2 to 2 quarts. Continue Reading…

Slow-Cooker Boston Baked Beans

Slow-cooker Boston baked beans

For many, baked beans are a must-have for any picnic or family get-together. In this sure-to-please recipe, tender navy beans are flavored with bits of onions and covered in a rich and tangy sauce enhanced with molasses. Traditionally, Boston baked beans are made by slowly cooking the sauce-covered beans in a low-temperature oven for several hours. Low temp … long hours — sound familiar? That’s exactly what a slow cooker does! Reprinted with permission from The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Vegan Slow-cooking* by Beverly Bennett (Alpha Books, 2012). Photos by Evan Atlas. Continue Reading…

Tagine of Squash and Chickpeas with Mushrooms

Chickpeas with wooden spoon

I love the unusual combination of flavorings in this dish. The tastes of the cinnamon and ginger really come through, and the bittersweet mixture of lemon and honey, with a sprinkling of currants, adds a perfect finish. Serve this over whole-grain couscous to complement the Middle Eastern flavors. Add spinach or Swiss chard to complete the meal. Use a medium to large (3 ½ to 5 quart) slow cooker. Excerpted  from The Vegetarian Slow Cooker* by Judith Finlayson. Reprinted by permission. © 2010, Robert Rose, Inc. All rights reserved. Continue Reading…

Slow-Cooker White Bean and Sweet Potato Stew with Collard Greens

This stew is colorful and full-flavored thanks to a host of vegetables and seasonings. I like to cook the collards separately to avoid any bitter taste in the stew. Since sweet potatoes break down easily, it’s important not to cook this stew too long. For a mild yet still flavorful version, eliminate the hot chile. Serve it accompanied by crusty warm bread. Adapted from Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker* by Robin Robertson. Continue Reading…

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