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10 Comforting Stuffed Vegetable Recipes

Stuffed butternut squash with whole wheat and wild rice

Stuffing vegetables is the surest way to turn them into cool-weather comfort foods that everyone will love — easy enough for everyday dinners, yet festive enough for holiday menus. In the fall and winter, “stuffable” vegetables like peppers, eggplant, squashes, and potatoes are in abundance. Here are more tips at Stuffed Vegetables: A Basic Guide. Above, a VegKitchen classic — Butternut Squash with Whole Wheat, Wild Rice, and Onions Stuffing, which makes a handsome centerpiece for Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner.

Stuffed Squash with Mashed Pot - 1

Winter Squash Stuffed with Mashed Potatoes and Peas makes a great alternative main dish for Thanksgiving, but it’s any time during fall harvest season or as a winter comfort food.

kasha-stuffed-squash by leslie cerier

Leslie Cerier’s Savory Stuffed Winter Squash is a festival of flavor and nutrition with organic chia seeds, herbs, and kasha. Choose any small winter squash, such as acorn or carnival.

Rice-suffed delicata squashes

For Rice-Stuffed Delicata Squashes, the pilaf stuffing can be kept simple if a flavorful rice blend is used. You can substitute another grain, if you’d like.

taco-stuffed zucchini

Zucchini becomes a whole lot more fun when you scoop out the center and stuff it with savory fillings. Taco Stuffed Zucchini from Oh My Veggies is a delicious example.

Stuffed Sweet Potato with Black Beans and Avocado from Christina Cavanaugh

Cristina Cavanaugh’s Loaded Sweet Potatoes with Chipotle Lime Tahini Sauce makes an everyday meal that’s packed with flavor and nourishing ingredients.

Couscous-Stuffed eggplant recipe

Couscous-Stuffed Eggplant is a delightful stuffed eggplant dish that can be filled with regular couscous, or try it with Israeli couscous.

Quinoa, corn, and black bean stuffed peppers

Quinoa, Black Bean, and Corn-Stuffed Peppers is a hearty rendition of vegan stuffed peppers. Roast your favorite combination of veggies at the same time to serve as a side dish.

Orzo Stuffed Peppers

In Orzo and Rice-Stuffed Bell Peppers, orzo, a tiny, rice-shape pasta, makes a tasty filling. Or, you can use medium-grain brown rice in this recipe.

Mushroom stuffed baked potatoes recipe

In Mushroom-Stuffed Potatoes, a small amount of vegan cream cheese lends a rich flavor. For an easy meal serve them with a big tossed salad with chickpeas or beans, and you favorite steamed green veggie.


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