Brown Rice Recipes

cauliflower rice pilaf with cashews

If you’re looking for healthy brown rice recipes (that happen to be vegan and most are also gluten-free), have fun exploring these easy, tasty choices. For information on brown rice nutrition and how to cook brown rice, visit our Brown Rice: Cooking Tips and Varieties page; and for even more on the nutritional benefits of brown rice, see Top 10 Health Benefits of Brown Rice. And if we have to choose our favorites, they’d be  6 Filling and Flavorful Brown Rice Recipes.

Tasty, Easy Brown Rice Recipes e-bookIf you’d like to make more use of brown rice, and want easy, tasty recipes right at your fingertips, consider our Tasty, Easy Brown Rice Recipes pdf e-book, part of our affordable e-book series. With 30 of our most popular recipes and 20 full-color photos, you can print out this concise guide or view it right on your computer.

Hearty Main Dishes:

Spinach Brown Rice 2 Robin Robertson

Pilafs and Other Side Dishes:

Soups and Stews:

pineapple rice

Pineapple Rice Salad; photo by Susan Voisin




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  1. Frank

    My last physical indicates my triglycerides are 235 which is 85 over moderate. Is brown rice better for reducing my count?

    Your opinion would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


  2. paul

    I love how versatile this humble grain Rice could be in more than a few types of cuisines world over. From extra distinguished Sushi to Risotto to the straightforward curd rice from South India, this historical grain has come some distance. And yes if you are already bored with the time consuming & tedious cooking approaches of your Risottos and the Shahi Pulav these quickies will win you over hands down.

  3. Arabella

    Thank you very much. Lots of recipes for today :)) I will try to do all omg. per item per day. :)) love it. <3

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