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12 Delicious Vegan Dips

Tofu and sun-dried tomato dip

When you need an appetizer in a hurry, nothing could be easier than making a tasty vegan dip to serve with breads, crackers, and raw vegetables. Often based on beans, veggies, tofu, herbs, and other healthy ingredients, these delicious dips are truly guilt-free. The one caveat, though, is that most of these require a food processor. Silken Tofu and Sun-Dried Tomato Dip makes a delicious appetizer, served with whole grain crackers and raw veggies. It’s also wonderful as a spread for sliced fresh baguette.

Easy vegan hot bean dip

Easiest Hot Bean Dip is so simple it barely qualifies as a recipe. But it’s so tasty that it hardly matters. Serve with plenty of good-quality tortilla chips.

Vegan 4-layer bean dip

Four-Layer Bean Dip is simple to make, but dressed up with a little rum in the beans, some chile in the vegan sour cream, and topped with multicolored heirloom tomatoes, it makes an appealing presentation.

Green pea, parsley, and pistachio dip recipe

Green Pea, Parsley, and Pistachio Dip is great served with brightly colored vegetables—baby carrots, sliced red bell peppers, rounds of yellow squash, and thin wedges of raw sweet potato. You can also add fresh or crisp breads or stone-ground tortilla chips to the mix.

White bean and sun-dried tomato pate

Here’s an old standby that never fails to please — White Bean and Sun-Dried Tomato Paté is a is an elegant dip to serve with raw vegetables and crispbreads.

Very green avocado and tahini dip

A marriage of guacamole and hummus, and infused with a good amount of tender greens, Very Green Avocado-Tahini Dip makes a unique statement. Serve with tortilla chips, fresh pita, pita chips, raw veggies, or a combination of these.

super-easy guacamole

But then again, if you simply want guacamole, it doesn’t get easier than our Super-Easy Guacamole. Five minutes, a few ingredients, and you’ve got nearly-instant, really yummy dip. Just open a bag of stone-ground tortilla chips, and have a party!

Hummus made with chickpeas

If it’s hummus you’re craving, homemade is so much better than the store-bought kind, and you can vary it in so many ways. Try our Classic Hummus, with Variations and see just how good hummus can be.

Thai coconut hummus from Oh My Veggies

From Oh My Veggies, this offbeat Thai Coconut Curry Hummus is a variation that we would never have dreamed of! Coconut milk, curry paste, and lime juice are added to the usual chickpea and tahini combo, making it crazy good!

Baba ghanouj recipe

An eggplant lover’s delight, Baba Ghanouj is, like hummus, a classic Middle Eastern spread meant to be scooped up on wedges of pita bread. It’s also good as a dip for raw veggies.

Spinach and Cumber Spread or Dip

Spinach and Cucumber Spread or Dip, with hints of dill and crisp cucumber, never loses its charm. Serve with fresh bread, whole-grain crackers, crispbreads, or raw veggies.

Vegan ranch dressing with raw veggies

Ranch dressing is challenging to find ready-made in a dairy-free vegan version, so this simple and versatile Vegan Ranch Dressing or Dip comes to the rescue. As a dip, this is great with an array of raw veggies.

Vegan hot artichoke dip recipe

Like the aforementioned ranch dressing, hot artichoke dips are classic appetizer offerings, but they’re rarely vegan. Our Hot Artichoke and White Bean Dip or Spread is indeed, and it’s every bit as luscious as the dairy version. Serve with crispbreads, baby carrots, spoon-sized chunks of red bell pepper, and Belgian endive leaves.

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