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Tasty, Healthy Chickpea Recipes

Chickpea masala recipe

Even people who say they don’t like beans often like chickpeas. Here are some of our favorite healthy chickpea recipes —  easy, tasty, and vegan. Chickpeas are among the most flavorful of the legume family, and add flavor, protein, and texture to so many kinds of dishes — soups, stews, pastas, salads, and sandwiches. Add them to your repertoire today!

Pasta Dishes

Pasta with Spinach and Chickpeas

Pasta with Spinach and Chickpeas

Soups & Stews

Chickpea Tahini Mushroom Soup

Chickpea-Mushroom Soup with Tahini


Chickpea tomato olive salad recipe

Chickpea Salad with Tomatoes and Basil

Main Dishes

Curried sweet potatoes with chard and chickpeas recipe from Wild About Greens

Curried Sweet Potatoes with Chard and Chickpeas; Photo by Susan Voisin

Appetizers, Side Dishes & Snacks

Deviled tomatoes recipes

Deviled tomatoes

Sandwiches, Spreads, & Burgers

Chickpea, Spinach, and Avocado Spread

Chickpea, Spinach, and Avocado Spread

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