A Vegan Protein Sources Chart

A vegan's guide to protein

It seems like when anyone goes vegan, the first question they’re asked is “How do you get your protein?” The idea that it’s hard to get enough protein on a plant-based diet seems hard to shake, even though it’s not difficult at all. The following vegan protein sources chart demonstrates what a wide array of healthful options are available for those considering a plant-based diet.

Let’s put it simply: Yes, you need an adequate amount of protein. But evidence proves that a whole foods diet featuring a variety of healthy foods provides plenty of protein. Whole grains, beans, minimally processed soy foods, and nuts and seeds all offer high-quality protein.

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vegan protein sources chart

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3 comments on “A Vegan Protein Sources Chart

  1. Susanna Farley

    Surprised there is no mention of seitan – an excellent and delicious source of vegan protein. Definitely not for coeliacs or the gluten-intolerant, of course, as it’s almost 100% gluten. However, most people tolerate gluten well and for them it is versatile, nutritious and tasty. Bring on the seitan!

  2. Urban Vegan

    Awesome post thanks! We’re always trying to educate people about vegan proteins and just how easy they are to get on a vegan diet. Glad to see others doing the same!!!

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